Instructions for Essay for Week 4 – “Trap of Gold”

General Assignment: Write an essay on the theme of risk-taking

Use examples from the four stories we have read in class or from the novel you are reading on your own. 


Step 1: Choose one of the options below:

Explain why some types of risks are acceptable (unacceptable) to take. 


Explain what types of benefits should be possible before taking risks. 


Explain why some risks which are always too hazardous to take


Explain why the illusion of control encourages people to take risks. 


Explain what lessons can be learned from risk-taking.



Step 2: Think about which characters would make the best examples for your answer:


“The Washwoman”


The Washwoman



Characters from your novel:











“A Man Called Horse”


Pretty Calf

Greasy Hand

Yellow Robe



“Haven’t I Made a Difference?” 

James Herriot

Mrs. Donovan



“Trap of Gold” 



 Step 3: Write an essay using this organizational plan:

Paragraph 1: State the focus you chose in step one.  Briefly tell why your focus is important.  Clearly state the answer to your chosen question at the end of the first paragraph

Paragraphs 2-4: In each of these paragraphs give a different example.  Use examples from the short stories we have read or the novel you have selected.  Your examples must demonstrate the correctness of the answer you gave at the end of the first paragraph.  Using quotes is a great idea. 

Paragraph 5: Write a short conclusion reinforcing your main idea.