Instructions for Essay for Week 3

General Assignment: Write an essay about characters; use examples from the three stories we have read in class and the novel you are reading on your own. 


Step 1: Choose one of the focus questions below and come up with an answer.

How do emotions, wants, and needs make these characters vulnerable?

                             (vulnerable means susceptible, defenseless, or exposed to danger).

What change is seen in how each character perceives what is valuable? 

What sacrifices do these characters make?

How do characters gain true wisdom? 

How are the characters' strengths and weaknesses alike or different from my own?




Step 2: Think about which characters would make the best examples for your answer:

Mathilde Loisel

Mr. Loisel

Madame Forestier


The Washwoman



Pretty Calf

Greasy Hand

Yellow Robe


James Herriot

Mrs. Donovan

Characters from your novel:











Step 3: Write an essay using this organizational plan:

Paragraph 1: State your question.  Briefly tell why your question is important.  Clearly state the answer to your chosen question at the end of the first paragraph

Paragraphs 2-4: In each of these paragraphs give a different example.  Use examples from the short stories we have read or the novel you have selected.  Your examples must demonstrate the correctness of the answer you gave at the end of the first paragraph.  Using quotes is a great idea. 

Paragraph 5: Write a short conclusion reinforcing your main idea.