Sample of sentence a student might be given:

Elmer was a wimp, and always gave in to what other people demanded whether it was in his favor or not. 

Sample of Expected Written Response:

     Elmer moved closer to the ticket booth and glanced at the admission price - six dollars.  Slowly, he pulled out a crumpled five, flattened it on the counter, and pulled out a fistful of change.  With careful deliberation, he counted out another dollar in nickels, dimes, and pennies and pushed the correct amount to the ticket girl.  She counted the coins quickly and then pressed the button.  Elmer took his ticket, then glanced once more at the admission price, then moved toward the attendant. Taking the torn half of the ticket the attendant returned to him, he moved cautiously into the lobby. 
     Jenkins strode quickly to the window of the ticket booth and slapped a ten-dollar bill down on the counter, his beefy red face creasing in to a boozy grin.  As the ticket flickered up at him, he snatched it, grabbed the bills that were pushed toward him, and stuffed them loosely into his pocket.  Passing the attendant, he waved the ticket at him cheerily. 

Jenkins hurried to the candy counter.  Glancing down at the display, he caught sight of the Hershey bar, the last one, but before he could tell the woman behind the counter, Elmer spoke up: "I'd like that Hershey bar, please.
     "Just hold on there," said Jenkins heavily.  "That's my Hershey bar.  I saw it first. 
     "I beg your pardon," said the little man, stepping back uncertainly.  "Are you addressing me?"
     Jenkins glared at him.  "Well I'm lookin' at ya, ain't I?" 
     Without touching Elmer, he leaned his arm in, blocking his access to the candy girl and shoving a fiver at her. 
     The little man smiled unhappily and looked nervously around him.  When Jenkins was gone, he selected another bar