Create An On-Line Review

All book reviews must be submitted electronically (on a floppy, on the G drive, or through e-mail).  
Book reviews should include the following nine items: 

1 Your name

2 Date of your review 

3 Author's name 

4 Book's full title 

5 Your rating of its difficulty on a scale of 1-10.  See Novels Difficulty examples.  

6 Your rating of its excellence on a scale of 1-5
            1 Yuck; what a bore; what was this author thinking? 
            2 Well, it's not the bottom of the barrel, but I sure wouldn't recommend it
            3  OK; not bad; so-so; certainly not a bad book, but... 
            4 This is something good; other readers should look at this.  
            5 One of the best books I've ever read 

7 The Book's Genre.  Choose one or two of the following: 
           Action-Adventure: Armed Conflict, Chases, Hostages, fights, 
           Adventure-Experience: Travels and Voyages, Disasters
           Crime: Detective, Forensics, Police work, Mafia 
           Fantasy: Magic, Wizards, Swordfights, Dragons, Goblins and Elves
           Female Relationships: Sisterhood, Girlfriends, Cliques
           Hardship: Poverty / Persecution / Prejudice   
           Historical: Prehistory / Ancient Times
           Historical: Sailing 1700s-1800's Historical: Civil War
           Historical: Western - Pioneer
           Historical: WWII / Holocaust
           Horror: Ghosts, Vampires, Werewolves, Curses, graveyards, 
           Romance: Female-Male Relationships, Dating, the Marriage Quest 
           Science Fiction: Future, Spaceships and Laser rays, Dystopia (government or Society gone wrong) 
           Southern Culture: Civil Rights, Corrupt Sheriffs, plantations, slavery, Jim Crow, etc.  
           Survival: Shipwrecks, lost in the wilderness, air crashes in mountains, expeditions gone wrong, etc.  
           Teen Rebellion: Gangs, Drugs, Running Away
           Other: Come see me. 

8 A review of the book in your own words.  Look at reviews done in the past for examples, but feel free to be inventive or clever.      

9 A picture, preferably between 10-18 kb