Dustin's Custom Craftwork


Soul Dagger

A dagger that has a blade which strengthens the soul. Otherwise, just your average dagger. Handle is 4 inches long. Blade is 8 inches long. Enhancement +1 Damage.

Dragon Lord Knife

A great knife that weighs little. Comes with a leather sheath. The blade is 8". Enhancement +1 Sides. 100 GP

Blood Dagger
A dagger that has a blade dyed with blood. The blade is about 10 inches long. The handle is about 5 inches long. Great for quick stabs. 15 GP

Barbarian Sword

A sturdy sword. It comes with a small dagger to surprise your enemies. The blade is 36" long and the handle is 12" long. Enhancement +2 Sides. 500 GP

Lionhart Sword

My custom made sword. We do not make or sell originals, but we do make and sell copies, which means they are weaker than the original. The metal used to craft it, Mithril, is thought to be indestructible. It has very light weight so you can parry, then make a few quick slashes in return with ease. The blade is 45" long. Enhancement +5 sides. 18,000 GP

Masamune Blade
The Masamune Blade is very sturdy. It could take quite some time getting used to because it is very long. The blade is 72 inches long. The handle is 10 inches long. Enhancement +3 sides. 300 GP


Battle Axe

A durable axe used for battle. The handle is 60" long. The blade heads are 12" long. Enhancement +2 sides. 400 GP

Wooden Spear
This is a long, durable shaft of Darkwood with a sharp blade at the end. It is durable enough to be thrown multiple times and can also be used for stabbing at your victims. +2 damage.


Lionhart Breastplate

Burnished steel breastplate with embossed "Lionheart" crest. -3 damage on each attack. Good for 3 spars. 200 GP

Body Armor

This is a sturdy piece of armor which is quite light by comparison of the breast plate. This is great for combat when opposing someone very quick. -4 damage on each attack. Good for only 1 spar.

Lionhart Shield

This is a heavy, but very sturdy metal shield. Like the Lionheart Breat Plate, this shield is made from a strong steel. - All Damage from 4 attacks.

Wooden Shield

A sturdy, handmade, hand-held shield. It is made of a hard wood on the front and goatskin covers the back. - All damage, but only for 1 attack. 7 GP.