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   The Dynamics of Spiritual Growth

By Richard W. Kropf

(Originally published by Paulist Press,
     Mahwah, New Jersey, 1990)
Copyright: 1990, Richard W. Kropf

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Faith and Happiness:
 Faith and the Search for Meaning
  The Quest for Self-Fulfillment
  Meaning and Transcendence  

Chapter 2: The Meaning of Faith:
Models of Faith
  The Anatomy of Faith
  Faith, Hope, and Love

Chapter 3: The Beginnings of Faith
The Stages of Faith
  "Undifferentiated" or Instinctive Faith
  Intuitive Faith

Chapter 4: Literal Faith
Myth and Belief
  Fundamentalism and Biblical "Inerrancy"
  Faith and Morality

Chapter 5: Conventional Faith
Adolescence and Conventional Faith
 Society and Security
 Conscientious Conformism
 Catholic Traditionalism

Chapter 6: Personal Faith
Crisis and Conversion 
 Excesses and Regressions in Personal Faith
 The Refusal of Faith
 The Risk of Commitment

Chapter 7: Conjunctive Faith 
Personal Integration and Conjunctive Faith
 Ecumenical Faith
 Openness or Indifference?
 The Risk of Risking

Chapter 8: Unitive Faith
The Perfection of Faith
 The Risks of Sanctity
 The Night of Faith
 Faith Beyond Beliefs

Epilogue: Can There Be a Universal Faith?


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