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"You All Stand Tall"

Our lives are filled with mystery
each and every day.
As we climb into our uniforms
were not thinking of the Pay.

We're called to help the elderly,
to comfort the sick and dying.
We stand and support the family,
As the poor mans wife sits crying.

Each call is a different story,
Each hour a different page.
At times we're filled with glory,
At times it might be rage!

We treat the broken bodies,
We answer every call.
When we're told "Good Job and THANKS"
is when we all stand tall.

To deliver a Precious baby,
is a privilege all its own.
Then we see the five year old,
who is left hungry and alone.

Our families are our support,
They stand by us every day.
When we've had a bad one,
They know just what to say.

Without an understanding family
This job could not be done.
They understand the call-outs, and
Yell "I LOVE YOU" as we run.

At times this job is stresful
and as sirens yelp.
we want you all to know,
We're always there to help.

10/95........... Amy Anderson, Robert Bower
Reprinted here with their permission.

As was so eloquently stated in the movie Patch Adams

You treat the illness you win you loose
You treat the patient you WIN no matter what the outcome