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Take a Walk Thru the Park

As you enter the park, the feeling that serenity
is nearby, becomes apparent to you, subconciously.
You begin your search, in hopes of completing your quest.

The babbling brook's muffeled sounds begin to take effect.
As you sit on the park type bench near the shoreline, you contemplate your life.
The soothing sounds begin to loosen your tightly knotted muscles.
You suddenly realize you have been sitting here for longer than it seems.
You arise and continue on the journey...

You come to an opening on the forest trail.
You notice that the stream you had been sitting by, is becomming a mighty river.
You come to realize, that you too shall grow and become stronger with the passing of time.
You pause for a couple of minutes and enjoy the feeling of confidence as it grows.

Another opening in the forest is encountered along the trail.
The vista that you behold from this vantage point prods your thoughts to envision
the great height's you are able to achieve. You are reminded that no matter how
hard the trail seems at the time you will never reach the end unless you
keep moving past obstacle's that are in the path. The very next obstacle could be the last before acheiving the goal.

As you leave this moment of thought you are consumed by the majesty of the surrounding forest.
The trail leads through tall pines that have endured many years of tough times,
storms, drought, the loss of friends, disease, heat. They survive because
they take each day as it comes never worrying about the past or the future.
Taking what is handed them and embracing it.

As you continue down the path you notice a beautiful rainbow. You are
reminded the tale says, there is a pot of GOLD at the end of a Rainbow.
This is the reward for perserverence and dedication to your goal. Never
loose sight of your dream,for, YOU CAN ACHEIVE, only that which you dare to DREAM!!!

Our quest continues thru a section of forest in the process of regeneration.
The thought of associating with others of like mind to enrich the process, enters
along with nurturing of the young to believe in themselves.
With LOVE, and CARING their self esteem and positive thought process will be strong.
Able to overcome the trials we all must face, during our journey through life.
Allowing us to endure the test's of time, and SUCCEED !!!!!
We come to the realization that as we teach, WE ARE LEARNING...

As you near the end of the trail another beautiful panarama unfolds.
Your thoughts are mingled, and arranged in a logical and useful order. The realization,
that true happiness has nothing to do with worldly goods, or money, slams you like a sledge hammer.
Money is necessary to live, posessions make life bearable. But true happiness
is found in the love of self. And in the love from others.