XEBRA CAR: The Battery Charge of the Light Brigade!

By: Mike Marino

Ladies and Gentlemen! Charge your batteries!

The personal transportation revolution is off and running as battalions of battery charging consumers search for driving alternatives that offer efficiency and helps produce a cleaner environment. These green machines vary and include solar cars, hybrid cars and tribrid cars, oh my.

One California company, ZAP, has been leading the automotive assault on Detroit¡¯s heavy metal chrome-magnon Bastille of gas gluttony with an astounding array of zero air pollution vehicles (Zaps) since 1994. The XEBRA is the latest electric battery charged combatant to enter the battlefield. Designed and developed by ZAP engineers, this sporty 3-wheeled fiberglass body "city car" with a rear mounted 5kw motor weighs in at 1,500 pounds, and at 10 feet long is smaller than the Mini Cooper. At a top speed of 40mph/65kmh it can range up to 40 miles per charge and parallel parking is a delight.

The XEBRA, although classified as a three-wheeled motorcycle, has four doors and can accommodate up to 4 energy-conscious passengers. Granola bars not included It also has a 100 volt AC on board charger and the battery can take up to 800 charges so you can zip around in your Zap for approximately 32,000 miles with the original battery.

The infernal internal combustion gas guzzlers have been clogging the asphalt arteries since Henry Ford started breeding the Model T in great profusion from his assembly line assault in the early part of the 20th Century. Population and pollution grew proportionately until traffic and byproduct impurities grew to such a degree that the planet is due in short order for the environmental equivalent of an asphalt heart attack.

Today the demand for cleaner machinery is growing and the little XEBRA is the belle of the conservation ball. ZAP has a distribution network of 14 dealers in 7 states already in place, as of this writing. With more dealers lining up for a piece of the enviro-pie by years end, it looks to be a banner year for this ZAP hipster of the urban highways. Styling and fashion haven't been neglected either as the Monets of Machine at ZAP have created a symphony of modern art colors to enhance the XEBRA experience. It's available in a kicky Kiwi Green, awe inspiring Ocean Blue, luscious Lipstick Red and a trend setting Zebra Flash design direct from the plains of Africa.

To find out more about the exciting XEBRA visit the ZAP World website at www.zapworld.com A plethora of eco friendly personal transportation is becoming available to the American motoring masses, and there's talk of the introduction next year of an EV pickup. All these lightweight consumer friendly vehicles can be taken along behind your RV or on a trailer for use while on vacation. Have you seen the price of gas these days? The Revolution is on.

We've come a long way since the days of Henry the Ford but more change is still needed. One thing that has changed is the old phrase "get a horse". Today we're better off if we say "Get a XEBRA"!

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