By: Sandoz Diego Cerveza

Nobody ever sees it coming...

Nobody ever hears it coming...

Now, like then it marches & comes

The lies of peace .. the march of war

to the cadence of drums

He sat in his tank .. head pounding held in his hands

Then Hanoi...Now Bagdad

Steamy jungles of nothing and oil rich sand

Red, white and blue Eagles American proud

Soon flags drape the coffins and turn into shrouds

Closing his eyes and now he can see his family back home

playing and praying

Trust in America carved into stone

A baby sister and mom a family, he loved them all

But when he opened his eyes, he could only see his own reflection, staring back,

soon a name etched on a memorial wall

Germany and Japan Hiroshima and Berlin

Seoul in Korea and the Viet Minh

Some wars we loose and others we win

The left and right split into factions

while we cry for the dead and the missing in action

VA Hospitals locked n' loaded with Vets

Patriots all

with bodies & minds a battered mess

Legs and arms missing and vacant eyesocket stares

All in the name of God and the rockets red glare

The politicians get fatter the enemies get mean

While the heroe's ride in wheelchairs and feast on great meals of Morphine

They fought the Nazi's, Asians, Iraqis and Reds,

Now, they fight their own demons,

Loaded on government meds

The politicians praise the heroe's

march in parades

wave high the flags

The silent dead unceremoniously tossed in a landfill of stinking bodybags

Give the family a posthumous Medal of Valor to silence dissent

A 21 gun salute to compensate for innocence gone

youth lost and spent

The President spoke to next of kin...

"They died for a cause dammit,

the cause of the rich

Sorry you're kid's dead ma'am

poor son of a bitch

But look on the bright side"

he said with a laugh,

"Hell today they're all volunteers

ain't no draft!"

"You're either for us or against us"

cried out the President,

Never saw battle himself

Hell, George hid out in the "bushes"

and hates dissent

Just a few more men,

Just a few more guns,

Just a few more kids dead,

and this damn war will be won

Then, it was Apocalypse Now,

Now, it was apocalypse then

Mirror images today of broken bodies,

flesh and blood men

The politicians hide

cowards and afraid

Let the children bleed

to keep alive their charade

World Wars

One and Two

One way or the other,

Victory or Defeat.

Someone gets screwed

Imperial Hiroshima

to rice paddy Vietnam

Atomic Energy and burning Napalm

Today, it's red blood for democracy's oil,

The beat

yeah, the beat, it does go on

The soldier fondled the trigger of his

automatic weapon

Ready to shoot, even to kill

The barrage then stopped


once again it was still

He knew there was still a long road ahead

Still plenty of room to fill Arlington with dead

Soon his time would be up and he'd rotate back home

to another time and another space

but for now he was stuck

between Iraq...

and a hard place

War, what IS it good for?

Like the song says...

Absolutely Nothing!

Say it again...............

Only in America not long ago, do we had a Vice President named "Dick" and a President named "Bush"!

Sandoz Diego Rivera is a pop culture dumpster diver of American pop and counter culture, and altered states alter ego of Mike Marino, author of the cult classics THE ROADHEAD CHRONICLES and THE HULA ATOMIQUE! He's also a rock n' roll Vietnam Era Vet, Social Activist and pain in the Establishment Ass!







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