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Memories of Sami and Lucas Scenes

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1995 to May 27th, 1997

Days of Our Lives Episode Guide - 1995

After Sami's accident (Austin almost killed her by running over her)

Lucas blasts Austin and discovers feelings he never thought he had!! Great Stuff!!!

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Sami was read last rites at the hospital after Austin accidentally hit her with his car. John and Marlena's grief brought them closer, while Kristen schemed with Dr. Kay to erase Laura's slowly returning memory about the laser procedure, Stefano, Peter, and Kristen's faked pregnancy. Laura came home from the hospital, but her nightmares caused her to sleepwalk to the Blake house. Jenn discovered Jack's decision to plead guilty to Peter's murder, but Jack didn't tell her it was only to spare her and Abby the stress of a public trial. Bo found out Billie still loved him, and told her he loved her too, not knowing Hope was listening. Lucas blamed Austin for Sami's accident, and discovered his feelings for Sami ran deeper than he thought.

Days of Our Lives Daily Recaps Archive (January 6th, 1997)

Thursday February 6th, 1997

From the Soap Central Days Archives

Lucas finds out about Sami's amnesia

At the hospital, Sami continues to have warm memories of Austin and Will, but can't remember anything else about the last four years. Lucas bursts into her room, having just returned from a business trip. He knows that Sami is awake, but does not know about the amnesia. Sami doesn't recognize him at first, but Lucas tries to remind her of their plots and schemes together. Just as he is about to tell her the whole truth about her marriage to Austin, Dr. Mike Horton enters and asks to speak to Lucas. Outside Sami's room, Mike tells Lucas about her amnesia and delicate condition. Mike tells Lucas that due to Sami's fragile mental condition, they have asked Austin and Carrie not to disillusion Sami about the marriage. Lucas is ecstatic, but Mike warns him not to take advantage of the situation. Lucas enters Sami's room again and begins to make up stories about how much Austin loves her. He also tells Sami that he likes Carrie, and Sami innocently agrees to help Lucas win Carrie any way she can.

Lucas blasting Kate for treating Sami unfairly!

Thursday February 27th, 1997

From the Soap Opera Central Days archives

Sami's pain continues, and Austin stays by her side. Carrie watches from the hospital hallway, disturbed by the sight of Austin with Sami. Lucas comes by with a bouquet of flowers for Sami, but gives one of the flowers to Carrie when he sees how upset she is. Carrie is saddened by the flower, remembering the gardenia Austin gave to her on Valentine's Day, which he ended up giving to Sami. Lucas decides to sit with Sami to give Austin and Carrie some time together. Carrie is grateful, but Austin is suspicious. When Lucas leaves the room, Kate comes in and begins badgering Sami to remember the location of the papers. Sami gets upset when she can't remember, and Lucas catches Kate giving her a hard time. In the hallway, Lucas tells Kate not to bother Sami any more, just as Vivian and Ivan come upstairs with a gift for Sami. Vivian, who had had a confrontation with Kate over a Titan client earlier in the day, had decided to come see Sami to try to get the location of the papers Sami was using to blackmail Kate. When Lucas sees Vivian and Ivan, he tells them to go away and leave Sami alone. They leave reluctantly.

Friday May 23rdth, 1997

From the Soap Opera Central Days archives

Mike shows up at Carrie's apartment with a surprise. He tells her he's bought a car, and asks her to come downstairs to look at it. Lucas, overhearing, goes to Austin and Sami's apartment, where Sami is about to do her exercises and is telling Austin that Mike would be great for Carrie. Lucas tells them about Mike's new car, and they all go to the window to check it out. They see Mike leading Carrie, with her eyes closed, to a beautiful red and white '59 Corvette - a two-seater, like Mike had always wanted, and which Carrie had encouraged him to get. When Carrie sees the car, she goes crazy and hugs Mike, who thanks her for getting him to buy it. They go off together in the car to show it to Jennifer and Laura, while Austin fumes. Austin goes to Jennifer's to meet with Carrie. Carrie and Mike arrive ahead of him and show the car to Jenn and Laura, who are thrilled. Laura sees Carrie with Mike and begins to speculate that perhaps Mike is better for Carrie than Austin is. When Austin arrives, he overhears Laura telling Jennifer that Mike is better for Carrie because they have similar backgrounds, and that it is naive to think that Austin, who is the son of manipulative Kate and lowlife Curtis, did not inherit any of his parents' destructive traits. Austin comes in and sees Carrie and Mike sitting close on the couch, laughing over old photo albums and reminiscing. He feels very left out and begins to wonder if Laura and Lucas are right. Jennifer, meanwhile, sees Laura talking excitedly to Mickey and wonders what they're up to, hoping it has nothing to do with Laura's theory that Peter is alive.

Back at Austin's apartment, Lucas keeps probing Sami about what she remembers, and encouraging her to keep her progress from Austin. Sami excitedly tells Lucas that she has a surprise, and with his help, she stands on her own two feet. Lucas is thrilled for her, but when he realizes she plans to tell Austin, he discourages her and says that it would spoil an even bigger surprise when she can walk. Sami is disappointed with Lucas and says that he is a manipulative person. Lucas admits it, but says he is only looking out for her best interests. As Sami goes to plug in the iron, she tells Lucas that she fixed it herself. The second she plugs the iron in, sparks shoot out and Sami is bathed in electricity, screaming, and thrown to the floor. Lucas is horrified, but Sami does not seem to be seriously hurt. He is stunned when she asks where she is and why the apartment has changed so much, and mentions that Austin wouldn't listen to her about the car being defective. Lucas realizes that Sami is back, with all her memories of the four years of deception and manipulation that she had forgotten, although she does not remember the months since the accident clearly.

Monday May 26th, 1997

Lucas is shocked to think that the real Sami is back. Lucas asks what she remembers, and Sami says the last thing she recalls is her warning Austin not to drive his car, and the accident, but nothing else. Lucas asks her if she remembers Austin, and Sami still thinks that they are in love and living together. Lucas asks her if she remembered how she got him, and she said they schemed together which is no big deal. Lucas tells her otherwise, and that is was a serious accident. Sami says she does remember the hospital, but after that it's fuzzy. Lucas helps her to stand up and get back into the chair. Sami decides to go see Will and Lucas wonders if this will affect his plan to win Carrie. Lucas says Kate redecorated the apartment to look for something she was blackmailing her with, and Sami says she remembers and begins laughing. Lucas asks what she has on his mom, and Sami says it's nothing for him to worry about. Lucas tells her she's living in a fantasy world and he's not going to let her ruin his plan of pairing Carrie with Mike. Sami says it sounds like a good plan, but Lucas says she has to keep pretending to have lost her memory.

Tuesday May 27th, 1997

Austin walks in and hears Sami and Lucas arguing. She has a surprise and stands for Austin. He asks her if she also got her memory back and mentions that is she has it will change their lives and things can get back to normal. She remembers Lucas telling her not to tell Austin and then she passes out. Just then Mike and Carrie arrive home. Lucas tells them about Sami getting shocked by the iron, and Mike yells at him for not calling 911. With her still passed out they take her to the bed so Mike can examine her. She wakes up , and can't remember much except standing for Austin. Lucas is relieved.

Sami founds out that Lucas and Not Austin, is Will's Father!

Days of Our Lives Daily Recaps Archive (June 30th, 1997)

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