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Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc.


PNGinc, sustainable growth products & technologies, Tesla Turbine, Tesla Turbine Kit, ultra clean pulse combustion breakthroughs, all-fuel Kinetic Energy Drives, gas phase combustors, multi-fuel co-generators, vapor phase gas turbines,  two-cycle hybrid turbines, steam turbines, boundary layer automotive turbines, bladeless aircraft turbines, hybrid locomotive steam turbines, recycled waste oil to electricity cogeneration, multi-fuel processors, alternative vehicle powerplants & drivetrains, renewable fuel engines, solar energy systems, zero-emissions microturbines for distributed power, Phoenix Turbine Builders Club, high-performance marine propulsion, Vortex marine in-water transmission system, Global Motive Power Revolution, differential hydrostatics, differential distributive power drivetrains, hydraulic suspension systems, long-travel suspensions, Scan-Ahead Navigator, anti-collision navigation systems, vehicle instrumentation, intelligent electronics, critical infrastructure command & control security, hacker-proof vehicle security networks, autonomous surveillance UAVs, robotic ATVs, agricultural ATVs for sustainable development, Sustainable Growth Alliance


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