Polar - Charm Puppies!

These babies are due on August 15, 2010. The x-ray done on 8-6-10 showed at least 8 puppies - maybe more! Oh, my........

Each puppy has a 50% chance of being a color headed white
Each puppy has a 50% chance of being a bicolor
Each puppy has a 50% chance of being a boy

Want to guess how many biblack CHW boys there are? LOL

If you guessed none you'd be right! LOL

Puppies arrived on Friday, August 13. There were 8, but one blue CHW boy was born dead so we have 7 vigorous, healthy babies! They weighed from 6 oz to 8.4 oz.
Here is a pic of the gang:

1 bi-blue CHW girl
1 blue CHW boy
1 bi-blue boy - possibly CHW
1 bi-black mismark girl
2 tri girls
1 tri boy

Blue CHW boy - "PJ" - the bigger pup with the blue patch on his back
Blue CHW girl - "Dora The Explorer" - she may be the smallest one but she's already busy searching around

Blue boy - may be a CHW but the color may eventually come in enough to call him a blue - "TJ"
Bi-black girl - massive mismark like a Holstein - "Bessie"

Black girls - I think both are tricolors. Certainly both are plainly marked girls. They have to be white-factored as their sire is a CHW, but they have very little white, even on the inside of the stifles. I'm calling them "Mittens" and "Socks"

Black boy - "Little Dave" as he reminds me of a friends BC that she just lost

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