Polar - Charm Puppies!

Puppies arrived on Friday, August 13, 2010. Here are the updated pics of them at 7 weeks old.
Click here to see their pictures at birth.

1 bi-blue CHW girl
1 blue CHW boy
1 bi-blue boy - approximately 50% white
1 bi-black mismark girl
2 tri girls
1 tri boy

This litter was nominated for the ASSA futurity in 2011.

They all have beautiful underjaws and lean, clean heads. Most have nice bodies also with good bone and coat. All are very safely insize with the two biggest ones (PJ and TJ) measuring at 7 5/8" at 7 weeks which puts them in the lower half of the safe range on the chart except for Dora who is under the chart. We're hoping she comes on as she's a cutie.

Blue merle CHW boy - "PJ" - the only color on him is the patch of blue on his back other than the color on his head
PJ is available to the right home as he will probably be too big for conformation showing.
PJ is in his new home and his name is now "Palmer". Have a good, one Palmer!

Bi-Blue CHW girl - "Dora The Explorer" - she may be the smallest one but she's full of spunk
Dora has been spoken for and is not available.

Bi-Blue boy - has approx 50% white - the color may eventually come in enough to call him a blue - "TJ"
TJ is available to the right home, he is very personable and social - and didn't want his picture taken! He is a high drive, high energy boy and will need a home that will appreciate and channel all that energy. A stay at home, couch potato this dog is not!
TJ is also in his new home - his new name is "Jet". Live up to your name, pretty boy!

Bi-black girl - mismarked but oh, so beautiful - "Sabrina"
Sabrina is not available.

Tricolor girl - "Socks"
Socks has found her forever home. Enjoy, honey!

Tricolor girl - "Mittens"
Mittens has a new home and will be called "Piper" from now on. She will do therapy work with her new owner. Have fun, Piper!

Tricolor boy - "Dave" as he reminds me of a friends BC that she recently lost
Dave has found his home and will be an agility dog in his spare time.

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