Ben-Secret Puppies at 18 & 24 days

Here are the Ben & Secret puppies at 18 days - these are the quick & dirty pictures - no major formatting but you can at least see the colors and general shapes. I know it says 28 days - so I can't count this summer. :)

The sable boy I've been calling Fella since he's such a mellow fellow......

The blue boy has been tentatively named Bailey just because he looks like a Bailey.....
He's usually the one who complains the most about being held and petted and, of course, his pictures came out the clearest. Go figure.

The tri girl has been tentatively named Summer. She just would NOT hold still to have her picture taken as you can see. We kept trying to get good shots but they all are a bit blurry.....sorry!

Here they are at 24 days:

The Blue boy Bailey

The Sable boy Fella

The Tri girl Summer