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I have nothin to say why don't you talk to one of the pictures that are ALIVE.

Where all your Pokemon What Not dreams come true

This site is graphically intense, but its worth the wait.

Hello and welcome to the ocean. If you are not a water type Pokemon please put on a SCUBA diving suit. (Or you can just hold your breath and DIE!) Under this magical realm you will find Polls, a guestbook, a chatroom, pics, and other junk I am planning to make. I started to make this site on June 23, 1999 so come back and see if I put anything new on here yet.

Go see my FanFics/Fanpics page! I added 2 new stories. BUT DONT GO IF YOU LIKE PIKACHU. (traitors!) Wait! If you like Pikachu you shouldn't even be here! Guards! Traitors in the palace! escort them to the nearest dungeon immediately!

BLAMMO! OOH! AH! HOW PURDY! Stop readin this ya Lazy bum! !STOP READING! Y R U still reading? fine! Be that way!

If any of my pictures on my page look like this:
TELL ME!!!! Or face the entire Imperial Consul breathing down your neck.

Ok lemme set this straight. THIS ISN'T A PAGE ABOUT POKEMON!!! It is a site dedicated to Poliwhirl. Good day!

- The Quiz -
You can tell when people play too much pokemon by:

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Oh yes...If you'd like to chat with one of the pictures here just hold your mouse over it.

The Spy is locked up, and the Poliwhirl dominated the Pikachu once again!


The Run down cafe chatroom Speak your mind! ENTER!

King Poliwhirl's Cheats Lies! All Internet Lies! Judge for yourself.

Pokemon Walkthrough (BO-RING! but might be helpful).

Pokemon List This took countless hours to make.

King Poliwhirl's TM/HM List For all you pokefreaks who like this kinda stuff.

King Poliwhirl's Message BoardOpen 24 hours!

a victim accused of hating my site Click Here if you hate my site (ONLY IF YOU HATE IT)
Pokemon King Poliwhirl has kidnapped and brainwashed. Wasn't me!

Meet The Wonderous King Poliwhirl! Please hurry. Theres a line behind you!

Mewtwo Strikes Back Useless!

FanFics & Fanpics C'mon send em in!

Links and Junk ditto

Hall of Fame Royal contestants

Click here for the key to the mass destruction of earthBecome a mighty deity!

Profiles See How the wonders of the palace got started

Simpsons Sound Archives The Simpsons deserve some credit, too.

Con Flammit! Why aint i be getting no mail! C'mon! SEND! Send I say!
E-Mail Me!

Ok jamokes! SIGN THE GUESTBOOK! Oh yea, no profanity junk. Thats why I have a message board. Put it in there.

Guestbook \/
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ACH! Kids these days...BeRZeRKeR!
- Imperial Consul rumor -
What guild does the Imperial Consul favor the most?


Hey! You meet da cannon man? We are his new cronies! Bring it on Punk! Hey! Who says Illusion of Gaia can't be on this page? Its just as good as anything else!
 I am the Cannon man! Do you dare cross my path? Bahahahaha! Bow before me!

WASSUP! Why won't the king take in my idea on Martial law?