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St. Joseph County, Michigan

Entries in maroon font have been transcribed from Johnson's New Universal Cyclopaedia, published in 1876 by A.J. Johnson & Co., New York.

Park Township

Park, township of St. Joseph county, Michigan, on Kalamazoo division of Grand Rapids and Indiana railroad. Population 1274.


1 - Park (Parkville)

2 - North Park (Mint)

3 - Moorepark (Lutheran Church)

5 - South Park

6 - Center Park




Lockport Township

Lockport, post-village and township of St. Joseph county, Michigan, on the Michigan Air-Line railroad. Population of village 1553; of township 3456.

Three Rivers, post-village, St. Joseph county, Michigan, 28 miles south of Kalamazoo, at the crossing of Kalamazoo division of Michigan Southern and Air-line division of Michigan Central railroads, on St. Joseph River; has 6 churches, 2 union schools, 3 flouring mills, 4 pump-factories, 2 foundries, 1 threshing-machine factory, 1 paper-mill, 2 planing-mills and lumber-factories, 2 cigar-factories, 2 newspaper and job-printing offices, 4 hotels, magnetic bath-house, 2 national banks, domestic, British and German money-order post-office - in all, 175 places of miscellaneous business and stores. Buildings mainly brick, and new; deals largely in peppermint oil and wheat, the products of the country. The town and surroundings are beautiful, and population and business increasing. Population 1189.



    7 - Riverside

    9 - Old City (Bowman Park)

    10 - Unknown Site

    Other items

    List of Draftees from the area in 1863
    Index of 1858 Plat Map of Lockport Township
    Excerpt from the Three Rivers Reporter, dated April 8, 1876.
  • Local election results, etc.

    Local Businesses

    Gleaned from newspaper articles, advertisements, etc.
    LocalityBusiness NameType of BusinessNoted Time-FrameNotes
    Three RiversMrs. W.W. VosburghMillinery1891
    Three Rivers, 2nd WardMoyer & Co.Meat MarketDissolved Oct. 1891Owners F.M. Bellman & Frank Moyer; Bellman retired, bought out by John Spink.
    Three RiversFirst State Savings BankBankOpened for business, Aug. 20, 1891Directors: Cyrus Roberts, J.W. French, W.J. Willits. Cashier, George T. Wolf.
    (Three Rivers)Seekell BrothersGeneral Grocers1891
    (Three Rivers)Bateman & HollowellHardware1863
    Three RiversGeorge NeidhartFurniture1876Custom orders also taken

    Florence Township

    Florence, post-township of St. Joseph county, Michigan. Population 970.


    11 - Peeke (Peek)

    12 - Calhoon (Calhone, Calhoun)

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