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Kalamazoo County Townships

Entries in maroon font have been transcribed from Johnson's New Universal Cyclopaedia, published in 1876 by A.J. Johnson & Co., New York.

Charleston Township

Charleston, a township of Kalamazoo county, Michigan. Population 1369.


1 - Lawler (Territorial, Lone Pine)

2 - North (Roof or Climax)

3 - Charleston (Riverside)

4 - Toad Hollow (Bailey or Southside)








Comstock Township

Comstock, a township and post-village of Kalamazoo county, Michigan. The village is on the Michigan Central Railroad, 4 miles east of Kalamazoo. Population 2018.

Galesburg, post-village of Kalamazoo county, Michigan, on the Michigan Central Railroad, 9 miles east of Kalamazoo. Population 140.


5 - Oak Grove

6 - Ford

7 - Shafter

8 - Comstock

9 - Maple Grove

10 - Wheaton - site

11 - Galesburg (Old)

12 - Kalamazoo County Poor Farm (Rest Home)

Other Items of Interest

Index of the 1890 Plat map of Comstock Township

Kalamazoo Township

Kalamazoo, post-village and township, capital of Kalamazoo county, Michigan, on the Michigan Central, the Kalamazoo division of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern, the Grand Rapids and Indiana, and the Kalamazoo and South Haven Railroads, 40 miles from Lake Michigan and 143 miles from Detroit. Situated on the river of the same name, with a fine location and splendid water-power, Kalamazoo is a beautiful and wealthy place, having 12 churches, 2 fine libraries (one of 5000 volumes), a gallery of art, 2 national and 1 savings bank, 1 college, 2 female seminaries, a fine system of public schools, and several private schools, 1 daily, 2 weekly, and 2 monthly periodicals. Water is supplied on the Holly system by 10 miles of pipes and 100 hydrants. There is an effective fire department with a fire-alarm telegraph; the manufactures are extensive, embracing iron machinery, steel springs, carriages, pianos, billiard-tables, elevators, clothes-pins, woodwork of various kinds, and paper. There is a public park, and a driving-park with a superior track. The Michigan asylum for the insane is located here, accommodating 400 to 600 patients. Kalamazoo is the fourth town of the State in size. Population of village 9181, of township 10,447.


    Kalamazoo College, Michigan, was incorporated as a college in 1855. It had previously been a branch of the University of Michigan. Its founders were Baptists, and a majority of its board of trustees are of the same body of Christians. But other denominations have always been represented in its board of trustees, and generally in its faculty. It admits both sexes to an equal share in its instruction and to the same courses of study. The buildings are very finely situated, and the campus includes about 25 acres. Rev. Kendall Brooks, D.D., has been since 1868 the president of the college, which embraces (1872) 6 male, 4 female instructors; 98 male, 71 female students.


    13 - Gate of Heaven Catholic

    14 - Mt. Olivet Catholic

    15 - Grand Prairie

    16 - Pioneer (Westnedge Park)

    17 - (3 Cemeteries): Riverside; Jewish Riverside; Riverside Catholic

    18 - Mount Ever-Rest Memorial Park

    19 - (2 Cemeteries): Mountain Home; Jewish Mountain Home

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