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Top Fuel's Strip

Hi and thanks for stopping by.*L* Sorry for the mess. My name is Mike and I am 36 years old,I have brown hair,brown eyes and I'm 5'11" tall. I'm divorced and a father of 2 sons. They are Josh-9 & Matthew-6.The apples of my eye. They live with their mom. I live in Sydney Nova Scotia Canada and I drive a truck for S&M Trucking all over Canada and the United States. Some of my interests are the Toronto Maple Leafs and Drag racing *Go John Force* I've only got a little in here now, so please check back often for any new additions.I've just added a guestbook, so please feel free to sign it. Thanks.*S*

My Western Star

My f 150 Supercab

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Special thanks to Tina for the help on my page..*S*

:Some friends I never want to lose:
These are just a few of the many friends I have on line and real time. Soon I'll add more. So thanks for stopping by & come back and see me again
What can I say? He's my best life long friend.. The brother I never had. He's a great guy. We've been friends for the last 14 years. We met at one of the local speed shops in July 1984. Through thick & thin we've stayed friends. He has been there for me through the tough times and alot more good times.*S* Thanks Scott.
Well she's a newbie on line but an old friend indeed. AKA: Psycho Laura. Icycool's girl friend. Naula & me go back a long way. We met in town when we were both avid cruisers. *L* She is a dear friend who is always wanting me to dance at the bar, but remember Laura I have to be drunk first. *L* Thanks for being there bud.
Now here's A lady. If you are ever traveling the interstate in Michagan, just keep A lookout for A red HOTROD and long blond hair blowing in the wind. You'll know it's Jai. Thanks for being such a sweetie.*S* I really enjoyed the drivein. I hope we can get together sometime soon.*S*
What can I say?? She's a Nova Scotia sweetie. *S* She also drives A red HOTROD, but not as big as Jailyn's. *L* I know we've had some hard times in the past, but I do like the fact that we have been able to remain friends. I hope that we will always be able to do that.I also can't wait to see what you got me from Flordia *L*. Hope we can see each other soon.. *HUG* *S*
Everyone's little devil. My bud & Icycool's sister & a good friend. Never stops picking on me but if she did I would think she was mad at me. *L*
Icycool's other sister. Another person I can call a good friend. Loves her animals & no I'm not referring to Jackie her husband although she does love him too. *L*. She's a sweetheart. Just don't let her cook anything for you. *L*
A friend from way back. In the summer you can find Cue working on his racecar getting ready for the next set of races. He can also show me a few things about pool. *L* He's someone you can always count on.:UPDATE:Cue's a dad! "Congrats" to you and Kim on a beautiful baby boy. Thank god he looks like Kim. *L*Just kidding bud. He's great.*S*
We met on line around 2 years ago. Our friendship has gotten stronger over the past couple of months. She is a sweetheart & a friend I'll never forget. Thank you Sue for caring.*S* (up date)I finely got to meet susi-q.. She is a really great person. We went gambling.. I lost *L*
Lisa and I met last summer at the bar(where else *L*)and been pretty good freinds since then. Although when she's drinking watch out, she'll bite. *L* Take care sweetie. *S*
Another lady from way down south.*L* She wanted me to go roller blading with her if I got to Phoenix. Sorry I couldn't make it this time, but with any luck I'll get there someday. *S*
Everynight you can pretty much find NIKE cruising town or chatting on icq. Always friendly with a smile on her face. *S* Oh by the way NIKE there goes Brad. *L*
All around good guy. We met through Icycool before I even came on line.*L* A friend for sure.
A good friend from the net.I don't get to see her much, but I'm very happy when I do. *hugs* bud *S*
Most likey she won't get to see this. That is if her puter is still booting her. *L* I hope you get it fixed real soon. *S* A real sweetheart. *S*
Me and Mel have been chatting for a bit now. She is a fellow Canadian.It has been a great pleasure to meet her. Next time I hope Larry can come down to meet me.*S* You are a sweetheart Mel. I'm glad we met on line to become friends.. *S*
:aka:*Canadian babydoll*Connie and I go way back and didn't know it untill not to long ago. *L* We met a couple of years back when I worked for another co. It has just been a couple of months since we realized who each other was. Just have to keep telling her that all truck drivers are not bad. *L* Takecare of yourself and keep smiling. *S*
Pattie and I met on line (where else)*L* and she wanted to see a pic. of me so we exchanged icq # so I could send a pic. We've become pretty good friends. I glad we met. I do love to have people like you I can call my friend. *S*
I met blondebomber when I was in Alabama on my vacation. She is a sweetie and a good friend to me. I hope I can get to know her and her hubby better on my next trip down*S* Hey me a cold one*G**
This is blondebombers hubby.He is a great guy and a good friend.And man can he cook.*mmmmmmmmm* Best steaks in Alabama.Thanks for the hospitality while I was there and for the "help" when I thought I needed it.Hope we can get together soon.
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