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Wild Thing

Rina was the new girl at a high school, where some of the more popular girls tried to make her life miserable, stating that she was the daughter of an immigrant and an unemployed biker. However, when her father Logan (Wolverine) picked her up from school on his bike, opinions changed about her. Especially when they learned that her mother, Elektra, was a wealthy martial arts expert. However, life at high school wasn't just about dealing with the in-crowd. As Wild Thing, Rina had to save a classmate from a high-speed kidnapper, defeated a computerized assassin, stopped a demonic invader, and even fought one of her teachers when he was turned into a Prime Sentinel. For a short period of time, she was a member of a superhero team composed of herself, Magneta, and Daze, but quit when Magneta turned into a villain. When Loki kidnapped several of Earth's heroes (including her father), Wild Thing's enhanced senses were pivotal in finding them. Wild Thing is considered to be almost as dangerous as her father, so many heroes give her a wide berth. Rina seems to have a crush on J2 and vice versa.

Wild Thing

Supporting Cast:
Colin Brewster
Cameron Bryce-Jones

Other Heroes:
The X-People

Thrash Bandit
Giant Alien Robot