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Lady Octopus

Lady Octopus II

Carolyn Trainer

F) Ty6
A) Gd10
S) Am50
E) Ex20
R) Ex20
I) Ty6
P) Ex20

Health: 86 Karma: 46
Resources: Ex Pop: -10

Known Powers:
Limited Telepathy: Lady Octopus can mentally control a harness with four tentacles worn at the waist with Mn ability

Tentacles: Am material, Lady Octopus can mentally control a harness with four tentacles worn at the waist. The tentacle's end in pincers made of Rm material.
-Multiple Attacks: Able to make up to four multiple attacks on a successful Fighting FEAT.
-Can engage in blunt attacks, wrestling, or a combination of these attack forms.
-She may attack non-adjacent foes up to 1 area away.
-A single tentacle has Rm Strength.
-Multiple tentacles used to attack have Am Strength.
-Multiple attacks are resolved on a single die roll, but are at +1cs for each arm used.
-If Lady Octopus uses two of her arms for bracing, her End. to avoid Stuns and Slams is +2cs.
-Lady Octopusí arms may be used to carry her up to 4 areas/round, and may rise above two-story buildings.
-Punching handholds in buildings allows her to move vertically 3 stories per round.
-Lady Octopus is in constant mental contact with her tentacles, and may command them from great distances (a range of 900 miles has been reported). She has tactile sensation through these arms and, if the arms are damaged, must make an End. FEAT or pass out for 1-10 rounds. The arms do not have to be attached to receive mental commands.
-Laser Cannon: On each tentacle is a laser cannon that does In Force damage up to 5 areas away
Force Field: Mn Protection

Talents: Mechanics, Robotics, Computers, Engineering, Repair/Tinkering

Contacts: Dr. Jade, Black Tarantula


Carolyn Trainer was the daughter of Doctor Seward Trainer, who grew to become a scientist in her own right. She eventually found herself in the employ of Doctor Otto Octavius, with whom she quickly developed an admiration. Her adoration of Octavius never wavered, even after the laboratory accident which turned him into the criminal, Doctor Octopus. Carolyn would often visit Octavius in prison after his numerous defeats by the heroic Spider-Man.

After many years, Octavius devised a scheme to use a virtual reality (VR) body for himself in order to fight Spider-Man. He sought out Carolyn, who had become one of the leaders in the field. Together, the two scientists helped create villainous identities for the criminals Stunner and Master Programmer, but Octavius was killed after one of his criminal exploits and their ultimate project was never realized. In anger and anguish, Carolyn soon fashioned a costumed identity for herself, similar to that of Octavius' and she called herself the new Doctor Octopus. She first struck at her father, in an attempt to steal his scientific research. She was opposed by the hero, the Scarlet Spider, but managed to escape with the data. With the data, Carolyn hoped to convert actual living matter into virtual reality, so that she could improve her virtual reality bomb, a device that could warp reality in its vicinity to mirror a pre-programmed design. Carolyn was forced to return to her father's lab to steal the codes in order to access the data, and she was confronted by both the Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man. Although the match ended in a draw, she was able to leave Spider-Man nearly dying.

At the same time, Spider-Man's wife, Mary Jane, was hospitalized for traces of radioactivity in her blood. Carolyn stole the curative serum as a ransom in exchange for her father. Her father agreed and released the access codes before the Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man arrived. Nevertheless, the heroes managed to force Carolyn to escape. In her next scheme, Carolyn tried to steal cybernetic devices. She was forced to content with Mr. Tso, an agent of Alistair Smythe and destroyed her headquarters in the process. The Scarlet Spider recovered the equipment and returned it to Doctor Trainer, but the doctor was left comatose when he tried to operate the device. Carolyn continued to target Mr. Tso for other cybernetic equipment. She hired the assassin known as the Pro, but he was defeated by the Scarlet Spider in his civilian identity of Ben Reilly, who was then made Mr. Tso's bodyguard. Her later agents, Looter, Aura and Override were also defeated by the Scarlet Spider and later, robots created by Smythe. Soon after, Carolyn created two other villainous identities. One, Stunner, used the mind of Angelina Brancale and was a figure based on the superhumanly strong woman who was Octavius' first lover. For the second, she used FBI agent Joe Wade, who was operating undercover as a thug in her organization, to create a solid virtual reality figure of the Scarlet Spider. Using the Spider to create destructive rampages, Carolyn helped Ben Reilly give up his identity and briefly take on that of Spider-Man.

Overall, Carolyn wanted to use a virtual reality wave generator to allow her to warp reality and create a persona for the digital intelligence of Master Programmer, who was based on Octavius. She stole equipment after confronting Alistair Smythe and successfully recreated the Programmer before the Scarlet Spider destroyed the device and forced her to flee. Later, Carolyn tried to abduct her father's comatose body as his mind had been living in her computer systems since his accident. She was confronted by Ben Reilly in the guise of Spider-Man and she was remanded to custody. Afterward, her father was restored to full health with the help of the Spider. Carolyn presumably managed to escape jail, as she later returned, searching for those who stole Octavius' deceased body. She used Angelina Brancale to recreate the Stunner persona through virutal reality and together they tracked the Rose, Delilah and the Hand as they tried to resurrect Octavius. At the same time, the villains were confronted by Spider-Man, who was captured as a part of the resurrection process.

Although Spider-Man managed to escape, the villains decided to use the Stunner's body for the process. Octavius was resurrected, but Stunner's virtual reality body was destroyed, throwing Brancale into a coma and killing Master Zei, the leader of the resurrection ceremony. Carolyn used her technology to give Octavius the knowledge and experience of the Master Programmer. She also gave up her costumed identity and equipment, restoring it to Octavius. She agreed to join him as his assistant once more, but her subsequent activities remain unrevealed for many years. Carolyn recently took back on the mantle of Dr. Octopus again following the death of the original due to his battle with Spider-girl and the Buzz. Bringing Dr. Jade to her side, Carolyn intended to use the anti-mugentic machines of Dr. Ashley Jameson to create mutate soldiers for the mob. She stole the equipment and kidnapped Ashley Jameson's husband, John, to test the equipment. Both the Buzz and Spider-Girl broke into Dr. Octopus's lab to save John Jameson, but it was too late. Dr. Octopus and Dr. Jade succeed in turning Jack Jameson back into the Man-Wolf with the equipment and unleashed him on Spider-Girl and the Buzz. Things took a strange turn when the Black Tarantula's personal body guards attacked the villains, allowing Spider-Girl and the Buzz to be set free. Dr. Octopus made a run from the group, but was eventually cornered by Spider-Girl after she defeated Dr. Jade. Unfortantly, Doc Ock was able to defeat Spider-Girl, hating her for everything her father did to the original Dr. Octopus. Deciding to let Spider-Girl live for now, she did vow to eventually humulate her before she died. She is currently on the run from the Black Tarantula's men. Recently, Lady Octopus freed the crime boss, Canis from prison. Hoping to aid him in taking over the criminal underworld. Spider-Girl showed up and fought the two, before Ock collapse the roof on her, allowing her to escape with Canis. It was later revealed that Lady Octopus was working for the Black Tarantula and had set Canis up for the fall. However, Spider-Girl traced Doc Ock down and discovered the Tarantula's true plans. She now intending to take both of the villains down. Spider-Girl used her training with Elektra to fight Lady Octopus one on one. She eventually destroyed her harness and knocked her unconsious. She currently remains in custody.