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Fantastic Five

Human Torch, Ms. Fantastic, Psi-lord, Big Brain and the Thing. Years ago, a fight between the Fantastic Four and Hyperstorm lead to the team to be forever changed. Hyperstorm's mind was wiped clean, while Franklin Richards, Psi-lord, lost his vast mind powers to only a fraction of what they once were. Reed Richards was hit by a surge of radiation that kept him from remaining in a solid form. While Susan Richards was left to use her force field powers to keep a hole in reality from destroying everything. Reed Richards stayed behind and built a base in the Negative Zone to keep his wife alive in stasis and to maintain the force field and one day repair the damage. Franklin returned back to Earth with the Thing and the Human Torch.

The three of them rebuilt the team into the Fantastic Five. Reed Richards constructed a robot named Big Brain that had its mind based of his brain patterns. The Human Torch became leader of the team, while his wife, Lyja, using her Skrull shape shifting powers became Ms. Fantastic, and the Thing continued on his role as the team's powerhouse. Franklin joined full time as Psi-lord. Since the formation of the team, the Fantastic Five have continue their goal to protect Earth from those who would dare threaten it, while trying to find a way to solve both Reed and Susan's problems. Perhaps one day, a solution will be found. In the meantime, the Fantastic Five are always ready for action.

Current Members:
Human Torch
Ms. Fantastic
The Thing

Supporting Cast:
Mr. Fantastic
Invisible Woman
Torus Storm
Big Brain

Other Heroes:

Doctor Doom
Apex the Omega Skrull
Diablo the Alchemist
The Superoid

The Wizard's Warriors:
The Wizard