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Doc Magus

Doc Magus

F) Gd10
A) Ex20
S) Ty6
E) Rm30
R) Gd10
I) Mn75
P) Mn75

Health: 66 Karma: 160
Resources: Gd Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Sorceror Supreme: Doc Magus is the new Sorceror Supreme of the Earth Dimension and he may use any power as a spell at Am rank. In addition, he use the following spells:
-Alteration-Appearance: Am
-Astral Projection: Un
-Levitation: In
-Shield: As Personal Force Field able to repel Magical Attacks: Am
-Telepathy: Un
-Conjure: Am ability to summon an item or creature to him.
-Eldritch Beams/Bolts: Mn
-Dimensional Aperture: Mn
-Spell of Silence: prevents the subject of the spell of speaking of certain matters, only characters with a Psyche greater than Am recieve a FEAT to avoid this effect.

Cloak of Levitation: Sh-X material the Cloak of Levitation has the following abilities:
-Flight: In
-Mental Commands: Doc Magus can mentally command his Cloak wherever it is, even if he is in his astral form or the cloak is in another dimension, though extradimensional control requires a successful Psyche FEAT roll. These commands are not only flying and levitation, but retrieving, attacking, and enwrapping as well
-Appendage: Depending on where it is instructed to wrap it can blind, prevent escape, stop attacks or magical gesturing or completely encase a human like a mummy with In strength
-Magical Protection: Mn protection vs. Eldritch Magic
Eye of Agamotto: CL1000 material, Un abilities, Has the following power stunts:
-All-Revealing Light: Un ability to allow Doc Magus to see through disguises, invoke images of the immediate past, and track both corporeal and ethereal beings by their psychic or magical emissions.
-Mind Probe: Doc Magus is +2CS for Mental Probe, Mental Control, and Telepathy spells. When used as such, the amulet opens and releases a representation of a golden eye, which affixes itself to Doc Magus' forehead, allowing him to "see" into the mind he wishes to probe. The target is allowed 1 Psyche FEAT at the beginning of the process to resist the probe.
-Ionic Screen: Am personal Force Field
-Gateway: CL1000, Provide a gateway into other dimensions. When called upon under the proper Incantations, the amulet will separate from its backing, seemingly enlarge to a size several feet in diameter, and then open, revealing a portal to other worlds. It can be used this way to visit the realm of Eternity.
-Psychic Link: As the amulet is controlled chiefly by thought and force of will, the wielder of the amulet establishes a psychic link with it. Indeed, when the wielder leaves his body in astral form, as astral duplicate of the amulet-capable of nearly all of the amulet's functions, albeit at slightly less powerful levels-travels with him.
-Worthiness: As an object of 'white magic' it can be only operated by a peron possessing pure thoughts and a clean soul.

Talents: Medicine, Occult Lore, Mythological Lore, Martial Arts A, E

Contacts: Deacon, Dr. Strange, J2


The current Sorceror Supreme for our reality, the true idenity of Doc Magus is unknown. He is believed to be in his late teens or early twenties and only known by the name: Dormagus. With Dr. Strange consider no longer suitable as the Sorceror Supreme, a young sorcerer was given the mantle. Armed with a quick wit of humor and being very friendly with other protectors. Doc Magus helped the Avenger known as J2 in helping finding his father, Cain Marko, from the evil demon known as Nemesus who tried to harness the power of the Juggarnaunt. The demon was defeated and J2 was reunited with his lost father. Doc Magus continued to be an ally with J2 and the Avengers, though certain members did not like Magus's ways.

Most recently, Dormagus was called to help J2 and Spider-Girl fight an invasion of Darklings that were part of an invasion by Nemesus. The heroes defeated Nemesus and collapsed his dimension so he could no longer invade Earth that way again. Currently, Doc Magus continues to protect the Earth realm.