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The Buzz

The Buzz

Jack "J.J." Jameson

F) Ex20/Gd10
A) Rm30/Ty6
S) Rm30/Ty6
E) Rm30/Gd10
R) Ty6
I) Ty6
P) Ty6

Health: 110/32 Karma: 18
Resources: Ty Pop: 0

Known Powers:
None, all of the Buzz's powers are derived from his suit.

Human Fly Battle Suit: Rm material, gives the Buzz the following power stunts:
-Body Armor: Ex protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Flight: Ex airspeed (10 areas/rnd)
-Bug Zapper: Rm Force, 3 areas
-Flypaper: Rm material and Adhesion, A rapidly hardening adhesive polymer which is fired from the Buzz's wrists. It lasts for about an hour before dissolving.
-Protected Senses: Ex protection vs. Blinding and Sonics
-Circular Vision: The Buzz's helmet has cameras positioned to allow Jack vision in a full 360' radius using miniature monitors in the suit's bulging eye pieces.
-Radio Communications: Rm
-Rebreather: 1 hour, when the suit is deactivated using the kill switch the wearer is unable to breathe (treat as drowning).
-Anti-Theft Countermeasures:
--Encephlogate: The suit operates cybernetically and is designed to work with only one pre-programmed set of mental engrams to prevent unauthorized personnel from using it.
--Kill Switch: This circuitry enables the suit to be shut down remotely leaving the wearer paralyzed, insensate, and suffocating. The suit may also be operated remotely although at -2cs

Talents: Student

Contacts: Richie Robertson, Nancy Lu, Courtney Duran, May Parker, Brad Miller, Moose Mansfield, Davida Kirby, Jimmy Yama, New Warriors


Jack Jameson is the grandson of J. Johna Jameson. Since transfering to Midtown High School, JJ has had his eyes set on May Parker and took her to a school dance. Unknown to anyone, JJ is the wanted hero known as the Buzz, an identity he took up following the death of the original Buzz. While JJ tends to be the normal teenager, he intends to continue the memory of the original Buzz Bannon, as a hero for the times. JJ is also caught between Nancy Yu and May Parker, he rather face evil than that. However, JJ finally decided to finally talk with May and get things shorted out with her. Before he could, Nancy Lu decided she had enough of JJ and called it quits with him. JJ has now been left not only to confront May, but to try and reestablish his friendship with Nancy. Both which failed miersably.

While May is finding the strength to forgive JJ, he has lost his chance with her and even more. May has learned that JJ is really the Buzz. JJ has been trying to get back on good terms with May and so far they may be heading back to mending their friendship. After learning of an upcoming attack on Nancy, JJ as the Buzz attacked the group lead by Brad Miller and almost seriously hurt them before Spider-Girl stopped him from going too far. Now, with Nancy gone and Brad's true persona exposed, JJ doesn't want May anywhere near him. To make matters even worse, Dr. Jade has reappeared leaving JJ obsessed with capturing her for the death of his friend. However, this was making JJ too hot-headed and not thinking straight. He kept pressuring Brad Miller to come clean about what he did, but Brad wouldn't admit it.

Everything took a back seat when JJ learned that his parents, John and Ashley Jameson were returning to New York. He arrived at his grandparents' penthouse to discover they were going to relocate perminatly to Europe. JJ didn't know what to do until his father was kidnapped by Dr. Jade's men. Wondering why she would go to so much trouble. Ashley told her son that her and Jack had been reversing mutates in Europe. Apparently, Dr. Jade intended to use their equipment to make an army of mutate soldiers. JJ flew to his father's rescuse as the Buzz and discovered that Carolyn Trainer, the second Dr. Octopus, intended not only to create mutate soldiers with his mother's equipment, but sell them the mob. Things got worse when Dr. Octopus activated the machine with his father in it, transforming him back into the Man-Wolf, leaving JJ to fight his own father. JJ was unable to fight his father, but was able to talk him down a bit. Unfortantly, Man-wolf's killer instincts forced him to attack his son until Spider-Girl knocked Man-Wolf unconsous. With his father safe, JJ learned that Spider-Girl had placed a tracer on him.

Tired of her interferance and everyone loving her and the public hating the Buzz, JJ and Richie Robertson used the tracer to locate Spider-Girl. However, the two did not know that tracer was intune to Peter Parker's Spider-Sense and when the two followed the signal back to Midtown Police, they thought the signal was coming from police Lieutenant Haberstein. Now, JJ wants to use this discover to exploit Spider-Girl, not knowing he's got the wrong person.

Jack "J.J." Jameson