Descendants of Sarah


Generation No. 1


1.  SARAH11 was born Abt. 16191, and died 06 Sep 1675 in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts1.  She married (1) LIEUTENANT THOMAS COOPER1 Bef. 16381.  He died Bef. 1638 in Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts1.  She married (2) LT. WILLIAM CLARKE1 Abt. 16381.  He was born Abt. 16091, and died 18 Jul 1690 in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts1.



Cause of Death: Killed by Indians1

Residence: of Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts1



Elected: 1646, selectman to 16471

Military service: Lieutenant in King Philip's War1

Residence: 1636, in Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts by 16361


Children of SARAH and WILLIAM CLARKE are:

                   i.    JONATHAN2 CLARKE, b. 01 Oct 1639; d. WFT Est. 1640-1729.

                  ii.    NATHANIEL CLARKE, b. 27 Jan 1642; d. WFT Est. 1643-1732.

                 iii.    EXPERIENCE CLARKE, b. 30 Mar 1643; d. WFT Est. 1644-1733.

                 iv.    INCREASE CLARKE, b. 01 Mar 1646; d. WFT Est. 1647-1736.

                  v.    REBECCA CLARKE, b. 1648; d. WFT Est. 1649-1742.

                 vi.    JOHN CLARKE, b. 1651; d. WFT Est. 1652-1741.

                vii.    SAMUEL CLARKE, b. 1653; d. WFT Est. 1654-1743.

               viii.    WILLIAM CLARKE, b. 1656; d. WFT Est. 1657-1746.

                  ix.    SARAH CLARKE, b. 19 Mar 1658, Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts; d. 1728.



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