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The primary source for MYERS family information and its associated branches is taken from my cousin who is a genealogy librarian at the Wayne County Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Thanks Steve.

The information included about the HUNTOON family was graciously permitted by Allen F. ABRAHAMSE.

The correction to the BENEDICT family was pointed out by Robert A. BENEDICT, a researcher of the BENEDICT name for over 50 years. Thanks Robert.

If you have spent anytime at the website, you have seen that a lot of BIER family information was gathered through the World Family Tree (WFT). Of note is the information that was submitted to the WFT by Stephen J. Gruber, and gave me the leads that I needed. Mr. Gruber has also published information on various Wisconsin county websites and is well respected. I have been unable to contact him directly, but I'm very grateful that he shared his hard work.

I am constantly being contacted by individuals that have offered information. I have documented them in my personal files, and have tried to keep the website updated, but as happens with this voluminous amount of information, things and people are left out. I apologize, but am eternally grateful for your help.

This page was last updated on 10/07/2006