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Corvair Seat Belt Restoration


These pictures show the condition of the deluxe seat belts both before and after restoration. The pictures do not do justice to the sad state of them before restoration and how good they really look after restoration.

The picture on the left show the deluxe seat belts as they looked when removed from the car. Seat belts have been restored including new chrome on all of the buckles and returned. They sure don't look like the same belts.

The buckle is so bright it washes out a lot of the detail. The center emblems were replaced as well. The paint is spackled and of the correct interior ivory color. All of the covers were re-dyed. One of them had to be replaced.

The picture on the left shows the original label. The labels were all removed, cleaned and correctly sewn on the new webbing. You can also see the stitching in this picture. The picture on the right is a little blury but you can still see the stitching.


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