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Coming Back Together

We are now in the process of redoing both the engine compartment and the trunk. All of the metal has been patched and repaired. Body has been sealed and primed an is about ready for color coat. Still a lot of work to be done before painting it seems. Engine and shrouds have been cleaned and repainted. New harnesses installed and trunk components redone. Dash has been cleaned of all parts and is being prepared for painting. In the near future interior will be completely stripped and prepared for painting.


These pictures show the engine compartment patched and ready for sanding and painting.

Dash before being restored. Also dash panel before being polished and instruments being reinstalled.

Engine out of the car and with all of the shrouding removed. No work was done on the engine interior as it runs very well and has no oil leaks.

Engine and shrouding has been cleaned and repainted. Engine installed and also the spare tire bracket. Thanks to Steve Goodman for the bracket screws. New spark plug wires were installed as well. All new harnesses have been installed including engine harnsess.


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