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Welcome to Fs 2000 Central

Fs 2000 Central

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I designed this site for everyone who loves to play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000®.  In my opinion, it is the best flight-sim out there.  If you want to request something, comment or give a suggestion then go to the respond page.  Please fill out the form in the respond section so I can best adapt my site to serve you.  I am working to improve this site so bookmark me and come back later.  This site will work best if you give me comments and ideas (links or files) to use.  Be sure to visit the Flight Sim Ring link at the bottom of the page for more great sites. 

I am currently looking for a very cheap but working flight yoke w/pedals.  Tell me what you use in the comments.

To submit tips, links, possible downloads, and more go to the respond section.

Now that's a simulator

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