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ANGELFISH Pomacanthidae

Closely related to the butterflyfish, Angelfish can be easily distinguished from their cousins by the spur under the gill plates.

The juveniles of these fish are usually very different in colour and in pattern compared to the adults and are usually very difficult to photograph.

Pomacanthus imperator

Found in the whole Indo-Pacific area. I have come across several juveniles but only had the opportunity to get reasonable shots in Oman and Bali. This particular species reaches about 40cm in length.
Nikonos V, 20mm lens on Ektachrome 100

Photo of a juvenile can be found HERE

Pomacanthus maculosus

This angelfish is very common in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf, the adults can grow to about 50cm and some individuals I have encountered can be extremely friendly (when diving without camera!). The photo on the left is an intermediate stage between juvenile and adult, the one on the right is a fully grown adult.
Left: Nikon F801, 60mm lens on Fuji Velvia
Right: Nikonos V, 35mm lens on Ektachrome 100

Pygoplites diacanthus

Probably the most common angelfish in the Red Sea, yet never easy to photograph or I was never in the right place at the right time! (25cm)
Nikon F801, 60mm lens on Fuji Velvia

Pomacanthus annularis

Extremely common on the house reef at Redang, Malaysia. Usually alone but on several occasions I found them in pairs (35cm)
Nikon F3, 60mm lens on Fuji Velvia