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Welcome to Smog - Sailor Moon Original Graphics!

Hello, kind visitor number to SMOG. The images here are all linkware, which means you may use them for your own personal use for free, as long as you provide a link back to this site on your page. Thank you!

Here you will find two areas, the Inner Area and the Outer Area. The Inner Area is probably what you came here for - the graphics and webpage suggestions. The Outer Area is other stuff... about me, links, linking me, etc. Each section is represented by a different senshi. Please Do Not Take Any Of The Graphics Found In The Layout Of This Site!!!! I made all the graphics (except for the background on this page, which is from SM Dangerous Encounter - Thank You Thank You Thank You!). The graphics in the galleries are for you, but the graphics actually used for the site are for me!

A complete site map can be found here

The Inner Area:
Mercury: Backgrounds (border and tile) (49!)
Venus: Graphic Sets and Layouts (9)
Serenity: Banners (14)
Mars: Webpage Tips and Suggestions
Jupiter: Miscelaneous (9)

The Outer Area
Saturn: Link Me
Uranus: Webrings and Link Exchanges
Neptune: About Me
Pluto: Links

Also please Sign the Guesbook! Tell me what you think, advertise your site, etc.

This site hasn't actually gone public yet, but I've been updating a lot.

4/30/00 - Haven't updated in a while cause I've been really busy. But finally I added some simple astrological buttons in the Misc. section. I also reformatted the Sets/Layouts page and added screenshots, and took out a few of the older corner layouts that were really terrible.

3/4/00 - Well I tried making banners for that last background set but they were awful! So I guess I'll try again sometime. In the meanwhile, I've been doing a little work on the Webpage Tips and Suggestions section. I added a little bit on changing size of images in the Tips section, and started writing a tutorial on tables (yay!) but that's gonna take a while, so it's not up yet. My appologies!

2/22/00 - Sorry, it's been a little while since an update. I've been busy as a bee, as they say, with homework, extracurricular activities, and of course, my social life :P .... But finally I've created a really kawaii set of bordered backgrounds. I put em in the Background Section, but I've made matching banners that I'll probably upload within the next week. If I get around to making buttons and dividers, they'll all be transfered to the Sets section. You should go check em out, they're really adorable!

1/21/00 - Added two new Pluto bordered backgrounds. And get this - I organized the background page! They're all in order now by planet and by group/individual. Yippee!

1/15/00 - Shameful, I haven't updated in over a month! But I've been on vacation, please forgive me. Today is a good day for all you Haruka lovers out there! There's a new bordered background with Uranus, and a real treat for you guys... a really gorgeous (sorry to brag) corner layout featuring Haruka with these flowing ribbons and stuff, with a matching bordered background.

12/14/99 - I replaced the "neptune attacking" background with a newer, better one from a different image cuz the old one was really bad, and added a new bordered background of the Outers inverted - you know, every color made the oposite of itself on the spectrum. It's pretty cool, you should check it out! Also, I added a really nice (IMHO) set of Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon.

12/10/99 - Well, it's exam time, and you all know what that means - almost no updates! I do have a few new goodies for ya today though. Two corner layouts (the "Grape Layout" and the "Sailor Moon Sitting" layout) and two bordered backgrounds ("Star Hug" and "Serena with Wings"). Have fun!

12/5/99 - Added a *really* cool new corner layout in the Sets section of Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon. There's even a matching bordered background! I also added 5 new bordered backgrounds I've made - the inners with roses, "blue senshi", Sailor Mars, "Many Moons", and a Group Pose.

12/2/99 - I uploaded and made test pages for the rest of my bordered backgrounds. There are *4* new ones this time - Sailor Venus, Sailor Neptune, Pegasus, and one with all the outer senshi.

12/1/99 - Three new bordered backgrounds - another of the 3 Starlites, a really pretty one of Sailor Moon, and one of SailorMoon and Sailor Chibi Moon posing.

11/30/99 - Added three bordered backgrounds - one of Black Lady, one of the Three Lites, and one of Princess Kakyu.

11/13/99 - Added 2 bordered backgrounds to the Outer Senshi corner layout and added a new corner layout of Sailor Pluto. Both are in the sets section.

11/12/99 - Two cool new bordered backgrounds in the Backgrounds section.

11/7/99 - I needed a place for Miscelaneous stuff to go (buttons, seperators, etc) but each of the inner senshi was taken. So I moved the Tile Backgrounds from Jupiter to Mercury. So now Mercury has both bordered and tiled backgrounds, and Jupiter will have all the random stuff.

11/3/99 - After fiddling with the program I use to make these graphics for about an hour, I have (drum roll please!) come up with a way to make corner layouts that don't look like something my sister (who is 8) would make on "Kid Pix". The first couple are up in the Sets section, which is where I plan to put all corner layouts, so please look at them and admire them!

11/2/99 - I've discovered a new feature of the program I use to make these graphcis, so now I have a lot more freedom with the sizes I make things. Yay! I've put a new banner in the banners section of Sailor Pluto, which you will notice is signifigantly smaller than the others. I've also changed the sizes of several of the banners to conserve disk space until my aplication for more space goes through.

I would like to thank my friends, Sarina-chan, and Aimee-Chan for encouraging me as I have been building my various websites. I would also like to thank Lycentia, because although she doesn't actually know me, this site was inspired by hers, possibly the greatest Sailor Moon webgraphic sites of all time. I suggest everyone check out her site. And while I'm thanking people, I think the person who dererves the most of my gratitude is my friend Yuzuhaa-chan, who introduced me to anime in the first place, has helped me with html, and of course, been a generally great friend for all the years we've known eachother. Actually, some of the graphics on this site are made by her. All of Yuzzy-chan's graphics are marked *Yuzuhaa. You make take these graphcics as well. Thanks, Yuzzy!

One last thing - some of the graphics that you will find here are made from very common images. That means that you might find a banner in the Banners section that looks very similar to one that you made. Please do not complain that I have stolen your graphics - I made everything here myself. All images used are copyright by whomever they are copyright by, not me. Blah blah blah. Thank you, and enjoy the site!