About The Creator(Me:)

If you want to know a little about me, you've come to the right place! **note**I'm not going to post any pictures of me, so don't get your hopes up(LOL), because 1, I'm not suppost to, and 2 because I don't like my picture any ways. But... I'll post my cats' pictures! Arn't they cute?
This is Bandit:
He's the Fat One.
This is Sammy...
My furall once again...
I live in Canton Michigan, and I'm currently in middle school. My real name is Elaine, and as you can tell... I LOVE HORSES! No, I don't own one, but I sure wish I did!
I also swim on the Plymouth Canton Cruisers Swim Team, and do alot of sports. I've been on that team for 4 years, and I'll have to say I'm quite attached to it.
My family travels alot, so we're very busy. Our latest big vacation was Hawaii!
I like crafts, and webpage design. You might think it's impossible, but I taught myself how to do HTML. If you try, it's really not hard at all. But now I'm trying javascript... that's a different story all together!
I am trying to make my own graphics. If I ever have the time, I'll make more.
I am joined to 2 horse games. For their sake I'll post the addresses so you can take a look at them!

My 1st is Horses Extreme. I run the game, and it's doing pretty good. But I recently had to restart it, because of some member problems. Now, it's fine, and starting to get plently of active members!

The 2nd is Equestrian Universe Very active, and fast paced. Lots of active members, and lots of members still joining. Great, and fun game!:)
You could say my "Ex" game I was a member in for about 2 or so years, was Equestrian. This game fell apart, and I posted it so maybe it might get a chance to pull itself back together again. Has great people running it. Maybe not as advanced as my game, or Equestrian Universe, but it's very fun, and worth while if you ware dedicated to it.

THIS IS BANNER!! MY FAVORITE HORSE! He's not mine. I was "assigned" to him at horse camp 2 years back. Isn't he just SOOO cute?!He's a bay tobiano paint.
He's like 30 something years old, but he's just like a young colt! He is the most sweetest horse ever! Except for a little white hairs on his chin, and the slope on his back, you'd never guess he's that old! He is now in heaven... horse heaven... no, he's not dead... he's retired! My second fav. horse is Sugar. She's a horse I rode on a trail at Mayberry park many times. She's the most obedient horse I've ever ridden. She's not like those slow-old, folow-the-horse-infront-ofyou-don't-want-to-go-I'm-too-lazy-horses. She's a palomino paint horse, mostly overo.

Ok, here's a review of me:

Name: Elaine (L.)
Age: 14
My Favorite color: Blue, lime green, orange(anything... funky)
Hobbies: Crafts, HORSE BACK RIDING, Drawing, emailing, webpage design, swimming, sports, reading, music, hagin' with friends, and... the list goes on.
School:Discovery Middle School
Email: Well, I have many...
Email me at Horse_Crazy@JustHorseCrazy.zzn.com if it's about JHC or horses.
Email me at evil_mango11215@yahoo.com if it has nothing to do with horses.
Gender:Filly.(nah, just kiddin')Female.
Fav. animal: HORSES! and any other funky animals.
Pets: Two...FAT cats(Sammy and Bandit...in my family's opinion...Dumber and Dumbest).
Lives:Michigan, Canton
Phone Number and Address:(Just Kiddin' with ya, did you really think I was serious?!)Wouldn't you like to know?**Grins**LOL!hehehe.

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