The Ultamite Horse Challenge!

Hello, and welcome to the Ultamite horse test! Are you ready to face the challenge? Are you a real horse genius?! Well find out by facing the Ultamite Horse Test! Fill out the form below and answer the questions! I will later check your answers and email you on how you did! I will change the questions every so often! Any questions, comments? Was it too hard or easy? Email me about it! And, I wish you good luck!!!

Also, please fill in your name, or at least your email! I can't email you back if you don't fill in the email box.

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Now, The Questions!
What's the cut-off piont
between horse and pony?

Is there really such color
as white, or is it really gray?

What country was the Lippizanner
originated in?

Which breed in considered
the oldest breed existing?

What is the Thoroughbred
famous for?

What 3 breeds can race?
Finish this saying:

,No Horse
Name 2 Welsh Breeds:
Name 3 different kinds
of trots:
Name the only "undomesticated"

What was the first horse ever?

What does it mean when
your horse is "Gelded"?

Explain the process of grooming:

What's the difference between
Western and English Style riding?

What does it mean when your
horse is cold blooded, warmblooded,
or hot blooded?

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