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Last Update - 3/28/08

Cabrini Class of '89

Welcome to the Class of 1989's website!
This is a great way for all of us to keep in touch and stay updated.

Please come back regularly as the site is constantly being updated!

***We Need Your Help!!

We are trying to put together a list of current addresses
to send out reunion information for next year.

Here is a list of people that we need home or email addresses for...

Cynthia Anderson
Shannon Corradi
Tim Robinson
Jennifer Hurley Granto
Tonia Tieppo
Jennifer Winterstein
Jay Sommers
Ann Marie Miller

If you have any information, please email...

Sandy (Kozlo) Kugelman -

Colleen (King) Tazic -

Patty (Harrington) McKibben -

I apologize to all for not updating the site lately. I will be working on updates over the next month. I have also reactivated our email address so you can send me any new updates that you have!

*** Cabrini Class of '89 is on MySpace!! ~ ***


***If you have any pictures that you would like to post on this website, please scan them and email them to


Click the drop down list below and then click
"10 year reunion" or "Remember when??"

Please note that the above poll results are for ideas and will not necessarily reflect how we will spend our 20th reunion.
The more formal the reunion..unfortunately, the higher cost per person =)

Do you remember all those fun 80's songs/lyrics??
Just for fun..take the quiz below and see how good your memory is!

80's Lyric Quiz

This website is updated by Patty(Harrington)McKibben

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