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Purported Photos of Billy the Kid, Page 1

Billy the Kid

This is the only indisputable photo of Billy. It was probably taken in January 1880 in front of Beaver Smith's saloon/gambling hall in Fort Sumner, New Mexico Territory.

Billy the Kid?

This photo was found in 1990 by Chuck Anegan and is claimed to be that of Billy the Kid.

Billy the Kid?

This photo was recently discovered by Terry Donahue in Las Vegas, Nevada at a rummage sale. It is said to have been signed on the back by Billy and to depict him somewhere between the ages of fifteen to seventeen. This particular version of the photo is reversed from its original appearance, and in my mind, compares more favorably to the Dedrick-Upham tintype. The subject's right ear, nose, chin, and distinct hair seem to the strongest points of similarity.