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Arthur Pictures!

I hope you enjoy :)

Let's get it on..

Art pondering over something on Reverb. Very good close shot.
Art at Woodstock. Loving the sock garters..
Art on Mtv.. nice flannel.
Art on Mtv again. Just relaxing on a couch.
Not one of my favorites..
B/W of Art on stange. Very intense look on his face.
Art on Mtv once more. He looks discombobulated.
Art on stage wearing a suit with red lights behind him.
Art in front of a white picket fence.
Art singing on stage.
Red wifebeater
Another great one of Art on stage.
Nice look going on there.
Art in a black Feeder shirt.
Hahaha not one of my favorites either... but okay.
Art in that lovely Feeder shirt again..
Art singing in 'The Boys Are Back In Town' video.
Art on stage with white lights around him.
(Pay no attention to the little black dot on his forehead. :)
Art stretching
Arthur in the Santa Monica video.
HAHAHAHA i SO love the look on this man's face.
Taken from the Wonderful video.
Art on stage

Oh yes, there's more.

Art looking into the crowd..
On of my all time favs.
Art for president!
Art with a nice warm glow on him
b/w of Art. This was shot at a weird angle.
Adorable recent one.
Here's a lovely Art picture.
Pretty old Art picture..
Lookin' good Art, lookin' good.
ART'S.... FEET! (Do I go all out on this site or what?)
Art with different color fog all around him.
b/w of Art looking like an angel.
Art with Adam and Drew from Loveline.
b/w of Art under a bridge
Baby Art and mom, awwwww
Art in Santa Monica
Art on guitar
Art in a tux woo woo!
The real Art Alexakis when he's not performing.
Woodstock again
Nice teeth

I'm totally digging the hat..
Radio station interview.
Mtv News
Another of Art in Santa Monica.
Art: Teasing bald men one by one.