Vincent Kartheiser

Mastermind Pic's :

Vincent Kartheiser plays Ozwald Paxton in Mastermind's.

'Ozzy' Using A Walkie-Talkie

'Ozzy' Whining

'Ozzy' Looking Good

Vince's Evil Grin

'Ozzy' Holding Candle's

'Ozzy' Hacking Into The Schools Comp

'Ozzy' Pouting

'Ozzy' Up Close

Alaska & Another Day in Paradise Pics's :

Vince & His Red Coat {adip}

Vince Looking Into A Mirror {adip}

Vince In A Winter Coat {alaska}

Vince With A Huge Bruise {alaska}

Vince Shirtless {alaska}

Misc Pic's :

Here are some pictures that I picked up here and there.

Vince Standing Up {b&w}

Vince Standing In The Door

Vince A But Dirty But Still Adorable

Vince With His Sunglasses Hanging

Gorgeous Vince

Vince Reaching Out

Vince With A Cute Smile still