Every spring, after the Oscars and Grammys have wrapped up, Nicklodeon lets kids have their voices heard in the annual Kids' Choice Awards, which honor the favorites in movies, music, television, and sports. One downside to the award is that it's usually only Nickelodeon shows that take honors in the TV categories. And next year, Nickelodeon's film Snow Day should be a lock for Favorite Movie, if kids can remember that long. The rules to this contest are simple: predict who will win this year's awards. The Awards will air on Nickelodeon on Saturday April 15 at 8 PM EST. For one lucky person, this contest provides you with another chance to get the best deal on the much-anticipated Toy Story Collector's Edition DVDs for as low as $10. I'm pretty sure that I can guess almost all the award winners correctly. So to help you out, below not only have I listed the nominees for each category but I have put the person/title in RED who I think is going to win. And I have asterisked (*) who I think SHOULD win in each category. Got it? Good. All entries most be sent in by April 13. In the event of a tie, all the people with the same amount of correct answers win, provided that they got 10 or more correct. There are 25 categories.

KEY : Titles in RED are my picks of who I think WILL WIN. Nominees with an * are what I think SHOULD WIN.
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Favorite Television Series

"All That"
* "Boy Meets World"
"Sabrina, the Teenage Witch"
"7th Heaven"

Favorite Cartoon

* "The Simpsons"

Favorite Television Actor

Drew Carey/ "The Drew Carey Show"
* Michael J. Fox/ "Spin City"
Jamie Foxx/ "The Jamie Foxx Show"
Kenan Thompson/ "Kenan and Kel"

Favorite Television Actress

Amanda Byrnes/"All That"
* Melissa Joan Hart/ "Sabrina"
Jennifer Love Hewitt/ "Party of Five"
Brandy Norwood/ "Moesha"

Favorite TV Friends

Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny/ "The X-Files"
Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, & Courteney Cox/ "Friends"
Sarah Michelle Gellar & David Boreanaz/ "Buffy"
* Ben Savage & Rider Strong/ "Boy Meets World"

Favorite Movie

"Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me"
"Big Daddy"
"Pokemon: The First Movie"
* "Toy Story 2"

Favorite Voice From an Animated Movie

* Tim Allen/ "Toy Story 2"
Michael J. Fox/ "Stuart Little"
Tom Hanks/ "Toy Story 2"
Rosie O' Donnell/"Tarzan"

Favorite Movie Actor

Mike Myers/ "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me"
* Adam Sandler/ "Big Daddy"
Will Smith/ "Wild, Wild West"
Robin Williams/ "Bicentennial Man"

Favorite Movie Actress

Drew Barrymore/ "Never Been Kissed"
Sandra Bullock/ "Forces of Nature"
* Melissa Joan Hart/ "Drive Me Crazy"
Julia Roberts/ "Notting Hill", "Runaway Bride"

Favorite Movie Couple

Sandra Bullock & Ben Affleck/ "Forces of Nature"
Rachael Leigh Cook & Freddie Prinze Jr./ "She's All That"
Heather Graham & Mike Myers/ "Austin Powers 2"
Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant/ "Notting Hill"

Favorite Male Singer

Jordan Knight
Ricky Martin
* Will Smith

Favorite Female Singer

Christina Aguliera
Jennifer Lopez
* Britney Spears

Favorite Song

* "All Star"/ Smash Mouth
"Bug A Boo"/ Destiny's Child
"Crazy"/ Britney Spears
"Wild, Wild West"/ Will Smith

Favorite Musical Group

Backstreet Boys
98 Degrees

Favorite Song From A Movie

"Beautiful Stranger"/ Madonna, "Austin Powers"
"Music of the Heart"/ G. Estefan & NYSNC
* "Two Worlds"/ P. Collins, "Tarzan"
"Wild, Wild West"/ Will Smith

Favorite New Music Artist

Christina Aguliera
Lou Bega
Jennifer Lopez

Favorite Band

Dixie Chicks
Sixpence None The Richer
* Smash Mouth
Sugar Ray

Favorite Sports Team

Dallas Cowboys
Los Angeles Lakers
New York Yankees
San Fransisco 49ers

Favorite Male Athlete

* Mark McGwire
Shaquille O'Neal
Deion Sanders
Tiger Woods

Favorite Female Athlete

Mia Hamm
Lisa Leslie
Tara Lipinski
Venus Williams

Favorite MVP

* Tim Duncan
Cynthia Cooper
Chipper Jones
Kurt Warner

Favorite Book

* "Animorphs"
"Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul"
Harry Potter Series
"Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace"

Favorite Video Game

"Donkey Kong 64"
"Mario Party"
* "Toy Story 2"

Favorite Rising Star

* Vince Carter (sports)
Mandy Moore (music)
* Haley Joel Osment (movies)
Frankie Muniz (television)

Favorite Animal Star

Eddie (dog, "100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd")
Happy (dog, "7th Heaven")
Salem (cat, "Sabrina")
Stuart Little (mouse, "Stuart Little")

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