"Home Improvement" is the family sitcom about Tim "The Toolman" Taylor (Tim Allen), the host of a local cable home improvement show called "Tool Time." "Home Improvement" looks at Tim at work, and at home, as the wife of Jill (Patricia Richardson) and the father to three teenage boys. Having been married for almost 20 years, Tim and Jill have had their share of fights, but with the help of their wise, mysterious neighbor Wilson Wilson (Earl Hindman), things often turn out all right.

On "Tool Time" Tim is more than a little accident-prone. He's glued his head to a table, dropped a three-ton beam on Jill's car, fell hundreds of feet crashing into a port-a-potty, and accidentally launched a barbecue into outer space. "Tool Time", Tim says, is a not just about home improvement, but about male improvement. Tim's co-host Al Borland (Richard Karn) is the butt of Tim's many jokes. Also part of the Binford Tools gang is Heidi (Debbe Dunning), the "Tool Time" girl.


The Taylors' three teenage boys all have interests of their own. Oldest son Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan) is a star soccer player for his high school, who has drawn the attention of a number of college scouts. Middle son Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) is aware of environmental problems and has gone to Costa Rica to participate in a one-year study program. Randy also writes for the school newspaper. Youngest son Mark (Taran Smith) is an aspiring filmmaker, who made a "Greased Lightning" video for "Tool Time".


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