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In November 1995, the first ever fully computer-generated film was released. Toy Story, a 90-minute Disney comedy, was the work of Pixar Studios and director John Lasseter. Like many other Disney animation films, Toy Story featured the voices of a number of famous actors and actresses, most notably Tom Hanks (Woody) and Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear). Also providing voices were Don Rickles, Jim Varney, Annie Potts, and John Ratzenberger. The movie is about a boy named Andy whose toys have lives of their own when he is not around. Andy's favorite toy is Woody, a classic pull-string cowboy, who feels threatened when his owner gets a cool new action figure for his birthday. The action figure is the high-tech Buzz Lightyear who believes he is really a space ranger whose mission is to protect the galaxy from the evil Emperor Zurg. Woody has been Andy's favorite for a very long time, but now he feels he is being replaced by Buzz. So, Woody thinks, if he can just get rid of the space ranger, everything will go back to the way it was. But the other toys in the gang aren't going to let Woody get away with anything against their new friend Buzz. What ensues is an adventure and a time of discovery for both Woody and Buzz, with tons of laughs along the way. The film was a smash box office hit when it was released in theaters. In 1998, Pixar's follow-up to Toy Story, A Bug's Life, was released and was also well-received. This past November, Toy Story 2, was released to both rave reviews and box-office success. Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and others all returned to lend their voices to the characters. New voices include Wayne Knight, Kelsey Grammar, Joan Cusack, and Jodie Benson.

My Review of the Film:

Toy Story G 1995 Children's Animation 1:21
Voices of: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Don Rickles, Jim Varney, Wallace Shawn, John Ratzenberger, Annie Potts, John Morris, Erik von Detten, Laurie Metcalf, R. Lee Ermey, Sarah Freeman, Penn Jillette, Jack Angel, Spencer Aste
Director: John Lasseter

Summary: The first full-length film made entirely by computer animation. Toy Story is about the secret life of toys and what they do when you're not around, as the title might suggest, it's about toys. All kinds of toys. But not just any toys. Andy's toys. Andy is a little boy with a big imagination and a lot of toys. His favorite is Woody (voice of Hanks), an old-fashioned pull-string cowboy. Andy just loves to play with Woody. Nothing can separate the two. Until Andy's birthday comes along. With Woody and the others listening to a radio report from the toy soldiers, Andy is having a birthday party and is opening a lot of presents just days before his family will be moving out of the house. All is thought to be okay until a new toy lands in Woody's area, the special place for Andy's favorite toy: the bed. The new toy is Buzz Lightyear (voice of Allen), a super high tech space man who has a number of cool features. Buzz becomes Andy's new favorite toy and this ticks Woody off. Woody can't believe how everyone just suddenly likes this new little figure who thinks he really is a "Space Ranger." Woody wants to be Andy's favorite again, so he tries to get rid of Buzz. The trouble is all the other toys like Buzz, and when they find out Woody's plan, they get mad at him and try to get rid of him. The two toys find each other and try to get back to the house. Yet, they run into a number of obstacles, including Andy's next-door neighbor Sid. Sid loves to destroy toys: he likes to blow them up, rip them apart, and slice them to pieces. When Buzz and Woody find themselves stuck in Sid's house, they have to think up of a plan to escape and get back to Andy before he moves.

Opinion: Funny, entertaining, and altogether a very great movie. One of the best Disney animated movies in history. The graphics are incredible and Tim Allen and Tom Hanks are great at bringing alive the two toys. Relates to real life in the form of toys. Familiar voices, a great plot, and dazzling computer animation make Toy Story an outstanding film for everyone: adults, teenagers, kids, you name it, they'll like it. A great family film.

Release Date: November 23, 1995
Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Entertainment

Tool Time Again: There are a number of secrets in Toy Story that the filmmakers put in as a way of leaving their personal mark. In making a computerized movie like Toy Story it is easy to add something personal in the same way video game makers often add secret codes. Well, one secret thing is Tim Allen's TV series has a little place in the film. For those of you who are not familiar with Allen's "Home Improvement", he plays Tim Taylor, a host of the cable show "Tool Time". In a scene past halfway, when Buzz and Woody are in Sid's room, they try to push off a toolbox. On the toolbox, there is the company's name Binford Tools. Binford Tools is the name of the company that runs Tool Time on Allen's Show. Just a little neat fact.

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