Tim Allen's first effort at film was the 1994 surprise box office hit "The Santa Clause." In the Disney holiday comedy, Tim plays Scott Calvin, an employee at a Midwestern toy factory company. Scott is recently divorced and he gets the chance to spend Christmas with his son. On Christmas Eve night, there is a loud noise on the roof, and it appears that Santa is hurt and needs a replacement. It turns out that Scott is supposed to take over for Santa Clause and bring everyone their presents next Christmas. The film united Tim with "Home Improvement" director John Pasquin, and co-starred Judge Reinhold, Wendy Crewson, and Eric Lloyd as Scott's son. This isn't Tim's best film, but it is a warming Holiday tale that the whole family will enjoy. The film was one of the first that Disney released onto DVD, in the fall of 1998. Buy this movie on video or DVD.

My Review of the Film

The Santa Clause is a very good movie - extremely funny and consistently entertaining. It's interesting to see the Toolman looking MUCH different as Father Christmas, and the process required a lot of time (and makeup) to achieve such results. The movie is currently the 97th highest-grossing film of all-time in US box offices. (When it was released, it was 47th hgihest.) Classic Christmas film, with solid performances. Newcomer Eric Lloyd is cute and funny in the role of Charlie. Overall, The Santa Clause is a great movie and is a nice start to Tim's film career.

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