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Super Duper Yooper

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This first page ( my home page ) will be your link to the wonderful world of the internet !!! I hope you enjoy your travels : )
Below are my favorite links. Please come and visit them.

My Favorite Site for Home Pages

First things first ... I want to thank STUEY for his encouragement in my making of this site ... therefore, please visit his home page found below!!
Stuey's Home Page

Secondly, to Dabot, the best friend a person could ever have!! I find myself lucky to have met him. (*peck*) On his pages, you will find (real) pictures of his friends from VP land (5 pages worth!!) I encourage you to visit his pages too!!
Dabots Inundated Knocking Shop

And another fellow yooper, Kevin, aka Toolman, ya gotta check his site out too !!!
Kevins Virtual Photo Library

I can't forget to add another friend from VP...Dman...someone who always puts a smile on my face!! : )
D's Home Page (temporarily out of service)

Another trivia regular just started a page ... Mona ... check her page our too !!
Mona(temporarily out of service)

Brand new site from "my daughter" Pandora ... original avatars to be used in vp land ...check it out !!! Pandy has added a 2nd page of avatars to her collection !!! Now, even MORE to choose from !!!
MY AVATARS (Pandora's)

The newest addition to our family ... Gnun ... just started a page, includes original avatars too !!! ... wow,... what a wonderful family we have !!! ... check out her page too please !!!
gnunsstuff(temporarily out of service)

A new site is under construction by a friend of mine ... Roadkill1_ ... already looking great !!! It has photographs (that he has taken himself) and music. I return there often to see his progress ... Good Job Road !! Keep up the Great Work !!!
RoadysPlace(temporarily out of service)

Another regular to Trivia ... PBSkittlebird ... his site keeps growing and growing !!! (sorry it took me so long to put in this link, just not thinking straight lately...ack!!) ... Another definate site to see !!! Lots of different stuff here !!
SkittleBird's Page(temporarily out of service)

This Belguin has been threatening to build a page ... and he finally has !!! Hurycane is doing a wonderful job !!! Tis only just started ... but by the looks of it, will soon be on a roll !!! WTG Hury !!! Keep up the good work !!! Please check out his site too !!!    !!! UPDATE UPDATE !!! ... CHECK OUT HURY'S NEWEST FLASH PAGE !!!!
Netezens ... (temporarily out of service)

Our PUP has decided to create her own web page, and is she ever off to a great start!! In these pages, she shares herself in some very heartfelt writings. Please check this site out. wtg little_PUP!! :)!!
PUP's Passions

Another trivia regular just started her page too. Here you will find pictures of her friends pets. Check out this site to see these cute and cuddly animals. :)
Scarlett's VP Friend's Pet Page .... Sorry ....... Out Of Order :(

A "long lost" trivia regular is back.   JON_UK has finally downloaded VP ... and all the while, has had a webpage.   Check out his pages, they are quite interesting!!! (by the way, he goes by the name parappa now.)
Jonathan Irvines stuff(temporarily out of service)

Greeneyes49 has put together wonderful pages.   I finally got the "ok" to add a link.   Please check out her pages, it is definitely worth it !!   :)

LV-Lady has opened up an Av Painting Room .... She and her other painters add beautiful artistry to your avs.  If you don't believe me ... Take a look for yourself !!!
Affinity ...

Parappa has another new page called "VP World".   If you're interested in Virtual Places, check out this site.   (If you wonder about Virtual Places, you will probably find everything you need to know here)
Vp World ... (temporarily out of service)

Another new site ... still being added on even as we speak, but a nice place to visit nonetheless, is neoBahaumet and Tanta's website Dragonfire Castle ... peaceful, relaxing...check it out, please !!!
REALM of XANTHONIA(temporarily out of service)

Great new site ... continues to grow !!! Has music (mp3's), avs and gestures by KC and great links too!! I highly recommend that you go check out this site!!
Nose and Kacie's Place

Brand new site here ... from those faaaabulous girls Shu Shu and Tippy. Stay tuned, as they regale us with their wonderous adventures! (this we ALL gotta see!!) This is new, so things will be added in time, dahhhlings.
Shu Shu and Tippy's House of Ya Ya(temporarily out of service)

Another couple of friends put together a great site.!!    This site has many links to it.    Links to Avatars, Backgrounds, Chat Rooms, Friends pages, Useful Links, and Games.    Also, they paint avs and make gestures.    A definite "must see" :)
JS & Spice's Links ... (temporarily out of service)

A wonderful nephew, Scotty, informed me of his site ... a definate "must see"!!!
Scotty Mack's(temporarily out of service)



Rest and Relaxation Sit Back and Relax Peace

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U.P. Autumn Color My World Chicago Trip

Knoxville Trip Taiko's Part 2 Sunset

Holidays Yooper Creation Story LaPromenade

Trivialites Rays Of Light

Because this page keeps growing and growing, I have decided to just add the following link, rather than adding new links everytime I create a new page. Please check this link below to see all the new updates !!!
Yoops Links

Yoops Links 2

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