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sorry:( this page may take a few minutes 2 load, BUT it's WORTH IT.

I will soon have all of my Artist stuff on this page in the near future. I understand that he now calls himself Prince. I personally wish the man would make up his mind:-) Some pages will say Prince, some 0(+>, and some will also say tafkaPRINCE and the Artist... I have alot of pages and bcause he recorded them under a different name, he was that person at that time, so I will leave them the way they r:-) k ?
2 check some out now, just click on the on the WANTNYA's tafkaPRINCE Page # links below and see the cover and get some info on that cd:) If u just want 2 check out the pix of da' cd's just click on the link below.
I hope 2 have alittle bit of sound 2 go with each cd in the future! That ought 2 b COOL!!
Slowly I'm gettin' some sound on some of da' pages. The sound is located in a funky colored box located somewhere on the page. 2 hear the sound u have 2 hold down the button on ur mouse until a little window appears, THEN u slide down 2 come 2 "PLAY SOUND" and release the button and ENJOY! :)
Just so u know, I LOVE my collection! In other words there is nothing 4 sale on these pages. I am a huge collector of da' man and I could not part with any of them. sorry.
I hope U enjoy:)


W A I T !! -There's more!
I'm ahuge collector of CD's from Da' Man and U may like 2 check em' out:)
If U want M O R E , click on C O M E !

so ya'll cum back now, ya heah. Like or dislike da' page, been 2 a concert, tell me about it, ?'s about disc, etc...

click on the pix 2 check out the loaded pages...

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