Robert H. Kreger

Pastor, Metropolitan Bible Church

Robert H. Kreger was born and raised in the rural community of Mayville, Michigan. In high school, he lettered in all the major sports. He received his B.A. degree in 1966 from Spring Arbor College where he majored in Education. he taught full time in the Michigan Public Schools for eight years, and has taught part-time in public education for the ensuing 30 years. He graduated from Midwestern Baptist College and Seminary in 1969, and was ordained at that time by the Emmuanuel Baptist Church of Pontiac, Michigan. He completed U.S. Army basic training in 1977 at Fort Dix, New Jersey and spent seven years in the Michigan Army National Guard, four years of which were on a full time basis. It was during this time that he organized the Metropolitan Bible Church.

As pastor of the Metropolitan Bible Church, he teaches the Word of God from the original languages of Hebrew and Greek in their historical context. The focal point of Pastor Kreger's ministry and of the Metropolitan Bible Church is the consistent teaching, learning, and application of the Word of God, which should be the priority of every Christian life.

UPDATED April 6, 2014