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Cain Marko

F) Rm30
A) Pr4
S) Un100
E) Un100
R) Ty6
I) Pr4
P) Gd10

Health:234 Karma:20
Resources:Ty Pop:-30

Known Powers:
Invulnerability: The Juggernaut has body armor that gives Un protection and a CL3000 force field covering his entire body that protects against physical and energy attacks, radiation, toxins, corrosives, cold, heat, and gasses. It provides Mn protection vs. magical attacks but none against psionic attacks. Juggernaut wears an Un material helmet and skullcap of mystic material, these provide Un protection against psionic attacks.
Self-Sustenance: No need to eat, breathe or drink and he is unaffected by disease.
Regeneration: Juggernaut can recover 100 points of health, but only in a round he is not injured again.
Movement: Juggernaut can move 2 areas/round and he should be treated as CL1000 material to be stopped. He pays no attention to force field or objects of less than In strength. Those of greater force will slow him down to 1 area/round.

Talents: Military Background

Contacts: Black Tom Cassidy