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Benjamin Reilly Presents:

ATTENTION!!! Anyone out there with some DC Pictures I could use for my site, it would be gladly appreciated!!!
Hey, Welcome to to my Homepage!!! I've had little expirence with Marvel RPG, heck, I've played it only twice with my friend! My friend's gone so I have nothing to do! *SNIFF*
E-mail me about any mistakes I've made or character info you want me to put up. I'm now working on reestabilishing my DC Universe page, so bear with me! It is not exactly an award-winner!!! Please, I need ideas on what I should put on my page! I NEED HELP!!!!!!
The X-Men stats were made by Marvel RPG Supreme himself, Wouter Vlemmings!!!

Stat of the Month for July!

Battle of the Week M.A.C.H.-2 vs. War Machine!

Battle of the Week Results

Unlimited Access How to cross over to the DC Universe!

Hero Stats:



Captain America

Iron Man Updated! Iron Man's New Armor! M.O.D.O.K. added!

The Mighty Thor

The Hulk

Fantastic Four

The Avengers Updated! New Line-Up due to The Kang War!



Captain Marvel

Heroes & Vigilanties


Site Maps of Marvel Earth brought to you by the Marvel Atlas Project

Space Adventurers

Non-Player Characters


DC Sourcebook

Ultimate Marvel Sourcebook

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