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  Born & raised on the streets of Detroit, Skull has no problem finding trouble. Skull is one of Michigan & Ohio's bad boys of the ring, never backing down from a fight. Apply his talent XICW in Michigan

Always living life upto the coin phrase:

"Trust is for fools & I Trust No One!"

The "Pit Bulls Comments on the Indy scene "Some people just don't get it do they? It's not all about the Gimmick is it? Well DumbA$$ if you don't have one your not going to get over with the crowd or the Promoters? So far in Michigan that is all I have seen, some people don't have one & most don't have the talent that have a gimmick which make others look bad. I am sick & tired of wrestlers thinking they can walk all over this sport and the fans, by saying they do it for the love for the sport. Most of them are piss poor wrestlers in the game of Pro F'EN Wrestling that will get paid less the $50 bucks and say they need ring time? What? WHAT? Ring time? I've seen people 4 years in this Sport that still say this and they are better then most... Think of this if you work a DAY JOB which most of us do and you get hurt for less then $50 bucks (or any amount) their you have it your off work and out of wrestling, Sh*t don't you have a clue? Most promoters will & I Mean WILL book you due to they get to pay you Chump Change. I would like for once to be put into the ring with someone worthy of any potential, very few Wrestlers in Michigan are properly trained for the most part with most graduated from the backyards, not to mention People that are in wrestling under 3 years training people. If not Trained by Green Horns, they are trained By watching Videos at home. Your only as good as the person your in the ring with & now with WWE owning all the sports entertainment other then the indy scene where are you going to go?! People that slam my name with the ranting & raving that I can't work are just jealous that I have talent, but I will admit I do have a piss poor attitude with all the Indy wrestlers and fans, but with the proper Medication I'll be getting better!

Hight: 6"1"
Weight: 265lbs.
Birthday: Jan 13th
Hometown: Hell, MI
Signature Move: Sadistic Squeeze, Trust Breaker, Power-Bomb, Cross-Plex Stretch.

E.C.W- Try outs W.W.F- Television Taping
C.W.F- Tag Team Champions (with Tommy Starr)
C.W.F- Heavyweight Champion
G.L.W- Hard-core Champion
M.W.A- Heavyweight Champion
I.C.W- Canadian Intercontinental Champion
N.S.W.A- Heavyweight Champion
N.W.A- Television Champion
N.W.A- Heavyweight Champion
H.C.W- Heavyweight Champion
U.W.F- Heavyweight Champion
C.A.P.W- Tag Team Champions (with Brian O)
X.I.C.W- Hard-core Champion
M.W.F- Heavyweight Champion
X.I.C.W- Tag Team Champions (with Danny Daniels)

  Work History
E.C.W- Extreme Championship Wrestling
W.W.F- World Wrestling Federation
B.C.W- Border City Wrestling
G.L.W- Great Lakes Wrestling
C.W.F- Championship Wrestling Federation
G.W.A- Global Wrestling Alliance
N.S.W.A- Northern States Wrestling Alliance
U.S.W.L- United States Wrestling League
I.C.W- Insane Championship Wrestling
M.W.A- Michigan Wrestling Alliance
I.C.W Canada- International Championship Wrestling
WAR- WAR Wrestling
C.W.A- Cleveland Wrestling Alliance
N.W.A- National Wrestling Alliance of Michigan
M.T.W.- Midwest Territorial Wrestling
R.A.W.- Real American Wrestling
H.C.W.- Hard-core Championship Wrestling
U.W.F.- United Wrestling Federation
C.A.P.W- Cleveland All Pro Wrestling
M.W.F- Millennium Wrestling Federation
X.I.C.W- X-treme Intense Championship Wrestling
M.X.P.W- Maximum Pro-Wrestling
  Magazine Coverage
PWI 500:
- 1995, 2000, 2001 & 2002
PWI 500:- Almanac 1997 edition
The Wrestler:- July 1998
  Wrestling Training:
Can-Am Wrestling School
Windsor, Ontario Canada
1995- Trained by:
Scott D'amore and Mickey Doyle

2000 - 2004 copyright Skull Ganz