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an entrance to the abyss...gateway to my beloved
measured by memories of the mind---the grand illusion
Time,nothing but a trap, She lives,to see the tramas
of all mankind.

"Why..." she cries,"who decided that

this should be and why?
....the counsel, they do not understand,
he is not a man and has lost his way.
Even the angels have turned and bowed their heads
in despair.
And time keeps us apart.....
We are strewn about them like scorpions in the sand
and know no man to be a friend, we are the gods of a
forgotten time and humbled now for our deeds
...We are the immortals trapped in flesh, stripped of
our rightful heritage and placed before man...what
gave them the right?!
........Oh but that we should meet and once again
unite....and end the curse of time."

written by ~Sparrow~

I dedicate this page to you,
Terry Baldock...TJ_45, my friend, my confident.
May you find that which you seek in life
and when you are down..
I am but a whisper away
and always at your side.
And thank you for making me smile again...
you are a joy to be around.

Welcome all my friends,

please linger and enjoy my page
Page done by ~Sparrow~

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