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Top 10 Dive Buddies since 1991 YTD to 31 December 2016

Solo Dives - 145 dives
Yanni Smith 109 Dives
Terry Scott - 87 Dives
Sarah Owen - 79 Dives
Kees Bezemer - 75 Dives
Karen Love - 74 Dives
Kerstin Binoth - 67 Dives
Conan Ask - 52 Dives
Vanjie Calzada - 43 Dives
Christian Stonig - 40 Dives

Not exactly a concise list of everone I have dived with, but certainly key people here who I have dived with, learned from, and gained underwater experiences with.

Click on some of the names to view images and more information on these people.

Incidentally, if I have dived with you and you are not included, please do not be offended as I will be updating this site frequently on review of my dive logs


First Red Sea Dive Buddies

Marku Karvonen, Terry Scott, Kevin Jones (aka Krazy Kevin), Kees Bezemer, Simon Ball and Kevin Bates