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Webley Mark IV page

I have placed some digital photos of a Webley Mark IV revolver chambered in .38S&W that I asked about on the Curio and Relics e-list. This Webley revolver is a little bit different in that it has a "safety" installed on the rear of the pistol under the hammer. One of our list-members told me that this safety was a factory option and that quite a few of these were sent for use to the Shanghai Police Force. Upon looking at the pistol again, a stamped "SPF" and serial number can be seen on the rear of the pistol, just below the hammer. It does have a Century Stamp "(CAI-StAlbVt)".

The pix below have been reduced to help the page load faster; If you'd like to see full-size pictures, click on the images below to get a full size image (640x480)

Webley Mk IV Revolver
Overall photo of the Webley revolver. The pistol is "broken open" in the manner in which it would be opened to be loaded. You can see the small silver rectangle above the left stock, which is the location of the safety block.

Safety off
In this picture you can see the "safety" block pressed to it's right, which would allow the pistol to fire. Note the "SPF" initials and serial # (Shanghai Police Force?).

Safety "On"
Photo shows the "safety" block pushed to it's left, which blocks the hammer from moving, effectively making the pistol unable to fire. Note the "SAFE" etched on the block and visible only when the safety block is on.

Left Side View
Left side of pistol, showing markings on frame in front of cylinder. Also "BNP" proof marks on cylinder.

Right Side View
View of right side of revolver. Note the silver square above "Webley" logo on stock; this is the location of the sliding safety block. There is a serial number on the right side of the frame, forward of the trigger guard.

Top View
View of markings on top strap of pistol. I have not been able to find a date stamped on the pistol; There is a "CAI" stamp found under the barrel. The pistol is in pretty good shape with a shiny bore and decent rifling.

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Last updated 5/10/2001
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